Thursday, March 3, 2016

Joseph Beuys & Albrecht D. - 1974 - Performance At The ICA London 1.Nov.1974

Joseph Beuys & Albrecht D. 
Performance At The ICA London 1.Nov.1974

A Part 1 23:40
B Part 2 24:00

Albrecht/d.: performer, voice, tambourine, instruments
Joseph Beuys: tabla, bamboo flute, tambourine, harmonica, instruments

Recorded at The Institute of Contempary Arts (ICA) in London on 1 November 1974 - the first day of the exhibition "Art Into Society - Society Into Art".
The A side contains extracts from various parts of the concert.
The B side contains one continuous part of the concert.

First edition with blue cover.
Sleeve is a 24"x12" paper sheet folded in 2, in clear PVC cover.

A special issue of 99 of these copies is numbered and signed by both artists. The regular blue sleeve is packaged into an additional sleeve, a 24"x12" folded cardboard with a two-color silkscreen titled "Ich durchsuche Feldcharakter", with an original photo of Beuys mounted on the backside.

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