Thursday, March 3, 2016

Faust - 2014 - j US t

j US t 

01. Gerubelt (5:14)
02. 80hz (5:36)
03. Sur le Ventre (4:33)
04. Cavaquinho (1:01)
05. Gammes (4:37)
06. Nahmaschine (3:14)
07. Nur Nous (3:20)
08. Palpitations (7:37)
09. Der Kaffee Kocht (3:51)
10. eeeeeeh? (1:58)
11. Ich bin ein Pavian (3:53)
12. Ich Sitze Immer Noch (7:51)

Line-up / Musicians
- Jean-Hervé Peron / voice, bass, concert guitar, trumpet, cavaquiño, flame-thrower, psalterion, goatshooves, toy-vibraphone, marching drums
- Zappi W. Diermaier / drum

turbid ideals of the counterculture. Just Us begins with Gerubelt, in which Jean-Hervé Peron sets up an insistent one-note bassline, while Zappi Diermaier provides stray rattles and rumbles of percussion. Presently, it lurches into grimy life, but still basically marches on the spot. If you seek any further development you’ll have to supply it yourself – which is, in fact, the animating principle behind this project. As befits veterans of an effectively anarchist collective, Peron and Diermaier have devised a series of minimal canvases for listeners do with what they will, and have even pledged to “invite local artists to collaborate with them on stage” when they subsequently tour the album.
Thing is, they work in their own right anyway as audio-vérité slices of rural life, frequently accompanied by birdsong (and even a barking dog on Ich Sitze Immer Noch). You become mesmerised by Der Kaffee Kocht, its contagious rhythm produced by the rasp of a file, or the clanging Sur Le Ventre, with Peron exhorting in French. Furthermore, you may not be prepared for the downright prettiness of the acoustic Cavaquiñho or the folksy swing of its immediate successor



  2. I was going to ask you at some point if you had any of their later material. I see that you are a rea; fan (even better). Here's a great quality concert that should also not be missed: Live at WFMU Fest on 10-1-09. Made available as public by that radio station... Peron in particular is an incredibly charismatic performer, you can tell he never lost the original spirit of the Krautrock era.