Thursday, March 3, 2016

Faust - 2008 - Kleine Welt (Live)

Kleine Welt (Live)

01. Ablach 11:07
02. I Was Shy Before 4:32
03. Foam Of War 9:03
04. Auf Frostigem Boden 9:08
05. Crawling Wax 16:59
06. Thru 5:16
07. Jet Set Lady 8:45
08. Terrorize Me 5:51

Bass, Flute – Michael Stoll
Drums, Percussion – Jan Fride Wolbrandt
Guitar, Percussion – Steven W. Lobdell*
Organ, Keyboards, Vocals – Hans Joachim Irmler
Percussion, Vocals – Lars Paukstat

Taken from live appearences in 2006:
Track 1 & 2 from the Luchtbal, Antwerpen, Belgium.
Track 3 - 5 from Casa Da Musica, Porto, Portugal.
Track 6 - 8 from the Donaufestival, Krems, Austria.

First few times that I listened to this live Faust CD, I thought to myself - like, wow! English translation of the title is 'Small World'. These live cuts were recorded during gigs on the long-running krautrock band's 2006 tour from shows they had played in Portugal, Belgium and Austria. Tracks that [more than] made this disc a hang onto until you're gone) keeper are the eleven-minute chaotic opener "Ablach", the almost mainstream-like "I Was Shy Before", the traditional Faust-like "Foam Of War" and the cosmic piece "Auf Frostigem Boden". Also loved the seventeen-minute experimental (absolute bomb!) "Crawling Wax", "Jet Set Lady" (with it's killer harmonica and bluesy vibe) as well as the awesome (that's truly an understatement) finale "Terrorize Me". Line-up: Hans Joachim Irmler - organ, keyboards & vocals, Jan Fride Wolbrandt - drums & percussion, Steven W. Lobdell - guitar, Michael Stoll - bass & flute and Lars Paukstat - percussion. At least as great as a couple of other live Faust titles that comes to mind 'The Land Of Ukko & Rauni' and 'Schiphorst 2008' So extremely highly recommended, that it hurts.

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