Thursday, March 3, 2016

Faust - 1999 - Ravvivando


01. Eine Neuer Tag (4:17)
02. Carousel #2 (2:44)
03. Wir Brauchen Dich #6 (7:21)
04. Four Plus Seven Means Eleven (7:06)
05. Take Care (4:08)
06. Spiel (0:40)
07. Dr Hansl (1:30)
08. Apokalypse (4:28)
09. D.I.G (5:28)
10. Du Weisst Schon (2:43)
11. Livin' Tokyo (8:39)
12. T-Electronique (6:51)

- Hans Joachim Irmler / organ, electronics
- Ulrike Helmholtz / vocals
- Lars Paukstat / percussion
- Michael Stoll / bass
- Steven Wray Lobdell / guitar
- Werner Diermeir / drums

 The third studio album to emerge from Faust's return to active duty saw the departure of bassist Jean Herve Peron, leaving Werner Diermeier and Hans Joachim Irmler as the sole remining members of the original line up. Thankfully there's been no attempt to replicate Peron's unique bass style, and the musicians completing this line up all bring their own contributions to the Faust sound rather than trying to reproduce the sound of their predecessors. Like King Crimson, they have managed to update their sound while retaining their distinctive style.
Like their previous two studio albums, Ravvivando combines primal rock beats with swirling storms of electonica and massively distorted instruments. The acoustic interludes and bizarre little quasi pop songs of their 70s heyday no longer appear, although they are still capable of abrupt shifts and remarkable contrasts. On this album there is also a hint of the post rock/math rock of Tortoise and other Thrill Jockey acts, particularly on the last couple of tracks. Elsewhere, Ulrike Helmholtz adds some blood curdling vocals to an already traumatising soundscape, while the addition of an extra percussionist gives 'Zappi' Diermeier's lumbering industrial powerhouse rhythm an even more powerful punch.

Faust have not mellowed with age and have remained open to new developments in music. Hopefully there is more still to come from these pioneers of experimental rock - not for the faint of heart, but strongly recommended.

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