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Eberhard Weber Colours - 1980 - Little Movements

Eberhard Weber Colours 
Little Movements

01. The Last Stage Of A Long Journey 9:42
02. Bali 12:28
03. A Dark Spell 8:25
04. Little Movements 7:28
05. "No Trees?" He Said 5:03

Eberhard Weber / bass
Charlie Mariano / soprano sax, flute
John Marshall / drums
Rainer Bruninghaus / piano, synths

"Little Movements" was released in 1980 and boasts the exact same lineup as on his 1978 album "Silent Feet". Weber on bass, Marshall on drums, Mariano on sax and flute, and Bruninghaus on piano and synths. While Weber is not one of my favourite artists, it's impossible not to be impressed with his beautiful compositions and music. It's the kind of music you would expect from the ECM label. Too classy for yours truly as this style of music makes me think I should be wearing a suit and drinking expensive wine. I'd rather be listening to Krautrock and smoking herbs with a bunch of long hairs, but that's just me. Still, as I already mentioned, this is beautiful music.
We get five longish tracks beginning with "The Last Stage Of A Long Journey". The atmosphere is surprising to start this track as bass, piano and drums come and go. Great sound here. Sax 2 1/2 minutes in as the atmosphere continues. It's not until 4 1/2 minutes in that we get a melody and it sounds so good. Some impressive bass 6 minutes in. Sax to the fore a minute later. That sweet melody from earlier returns 9 minutes in to end it. "Bali" is the longest tune at 12 1/2 minutes and it also opens with lots of atmosphere as sax and sparse drums come in. Piano leads before 3 minutes as drums come in in a prominant manner. Sax follows. Excellent section and one of the few breakouts on this album. A change after 4 minutes as it turns to a more more jazzy sound with bass, piano, drums and sax all contributing to this part of the song. Before 6 1/2 minutes it changes to an almost electronic vibe with flute playing over top. Cool ! Sax replaces the flute after 9 minutes then back to a full sound.

"A Dark Spell" opens with some gorgeous piano as cymbals and bass join in. Sax around a minute. I like this. It all settles back after 2 minutes but the piano still stands out the most here. The tempo picks up after 3 1/2 minutes. Marshall sounds great 5 1/2 minutes in. Nice. "Little Movements" opens with piano only until Marshall comes in crashing and banging on the cymbals and more. Sax joins in after 2 minutes. A change 3 minutes in with the bass standing out as Mariano plays sax over top. Piano does continue along with intricate drumming this time. Marshall can contain himself no more as he lets loose before 4 1/2 minutes. Check out the bass 5 minutes in. The last couple of minutes are beautiful to say the least. ""No Trees ?" He Said" opens with intricate drum work as the piano joins in. Bass follows then sax. Excellent sound here and the rest of the way.

Another outstanding piece of work from Eberhard Weber and company. A must for fans of classy Jazz.

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