Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pauline Oliveros - 1984 - The Wanderer

Pauline Oliveros
The Wanderer

01. Duo For Accordion & Bandoneon
  Accordion – Pauline Oliveros
  Bandoneon – David Tudor
02. The Wanderer
  Accordion, Soloist – Pauline Oliveros
  Directed By – Sam Falcetti
  Performer – The Springfield Accordion Orchestra
03. Horse Sings From Cloud
  Accordion – Julia Haines
  Bandoneon – Pauline Oliveros
  Concertina – Linda Montano
  Harmonium – Heloise Gold

The Wanderer and Horse Sings From Cloud were recorded live during "Lovely Music Live" at the Marymount Manhattan Theatre, January 27, 1983.
Re-edition on CD with a bonus track (Duo For Accordion & Bandoneon).

"The Wanderer" features three live performances. the first consists of blurts of accordion with some spartan electronics. it has sort of a cold feel the reminds me of a lot of the "classic" electro-accoustic modern composition stuff. the second track features an accordion orchestra and percussion that is quite powerful and frenetic, using minimal melodic phrases and repetition in a way very similar to steve reich. finally, the last track is a tape piece using accordion and vox. this is a pretty beautiful droney piece to round out the album. all in all a solid effort, and definitely worth checking out if you have interest in accordion, tape music, or Oliveros....

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