Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Melody - 1977 - Yesterlife


01. Merry Go Round
02. Welcome To Wonderland
03. Flight Song
04. Mysterland
05. Run Faster
06. Yesterlife
07. What Do You Wish ?
08. Wailing Wall

Bass Guitar – Gérard Batrya
Drums – Jean-Michel Le Meur
Keyboards – Paul Amsellem
Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Jean-Luc L'Hermite
Vocals – Dina Chase, Patrick Frehner

Although track A1 is listed as "Merry Go Round" and A2 is listed as "Welcome To Wonderland" both on the label and back cover, A1 and A2 were actually switched so A1 is actually "Welcome to Wonderland" and A2 is "Merry Go Round". I know this, as the inner gatefold has lyrics to all the songs.

"Yesterlife" is a far more professional album than "Come Fly With Me", in both composition and production. But given the 1977 date, and the rather atrocious looking Earth & Fire styled disco album cover, Melody were clearly viewing the hit parade. And perhaps wanting to stay relevant, they began to write more commercial music. There's still a high level of sophistication beneath the gloss (in fact some of the songs are re-recordings of tracks from "Come Fly With Me") - but it's mitigated somewhat by the ambition of its producers.
Unbelievably, for those that know that the Tapioca mispress of "Come Fly With Me" contains half of the avant garde Mahogany Brain album, would you believe that Vogue switched the first two tracks on this album? Yea, 'Welcome to Wonderland' is the opening track. Jeez, these guys got the same breaks as those trying to leave Gilligan's Island....

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