Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mahogany Brain - 1976 - Smooth Sick Lights

Mahogany Brain
Smooth Sick Lights

01. Green Winter Of Revolvers
02. Cathedral’s Skirts
03. Church
04. Purple Overdose No. 102
05. Silkskin Dawn
06. Tongues-Movie: Doctor Cloud
07. Rose Sad Sea
08. Diamond Voices Of Stars
09. Burning The Vibes

- Jean-Pierre Gardille / drums
- Thomas Messagier / guitar
- Patrick Geoffrois / bass, guitar
- Mine / guitar
- Michel Bulteau / voices, bass

Drug damaged willful perversity and inspired amateurism from this Nurse With Wound-listed anarchic French underground mob. Corollaries could be made with The Godz, Frolkhaven and the like, but the particular taste left on the palate here (burned brains in black butter?), is decidedly specific; it's structural disjunctions clearly paving the way for later French units like Heratius. This is taken from the 1997 CD reissue, which includes a full 22 minutes of previously unreleased material.

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