Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jan Akkerman - 1982 - Pleasure Point

Jan Akkerman
Pleasure Point

01. Valdez
02. Heavy Pleasure
03. Cool in the shadow
04. Visions of blue
05. C.S.
06. Bird island

- Jan Akkerman / Guitars, 6 string Bass, Synthesisers
- Jasper Van T'Hof / Keyboards
- Joachim Kuhn / Keyboards
- Jim Campagnola / Tenor sax
- Pablo Nahar / Bass
- Roland Zeldenrust / Drums
- Hans Waterman / Drums
- Martino Matupeyressa / Percussion

 The album was recordedin '79, but it took three years to find a label willing to bring it out! On the album there's a leading part for the guitarsynthesizer, Jan's new discovery. The songs Valdez, Visions of Blue and C.S. bring you only his guitar, colored by the synths. The other songs are jazz-rock., once again performed with Jasper van 't Hof and Joachim Kühn. Heavy Treasure was later re-recorded for Can't Stand Noise.

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