Monday, January 11, 2016

Goodbye Thin White Duke

I was at the Hospital this morning to get the results of my three monthly check up, was really happy to be clean, and then I saw the news on one of the TV's hanging in the waiting room and my soul went black for a second.

When I got home, I popped the first Bowie album I could find into the CD player. But all of a sudden Space Oddity sounded different, and I broke into tears, unexpectedly.


  1. Yes, I did too! We will miss him.

  2. First...I am very glad to hear you are clean! :0) Mazel!

    Secondly, I know how you feel...Very deeply saddened here...Really don't have the words yet...

    Be Well, and Peace

    Cheers!! Sir Lancealot

  3. One of my earliest memories was feeling bad for Major Tom, stuck floating out in space, and thinking it was so cool that Peter Schilling had a "response" with Major Tom (Coming Home)...I got Let's Dance on loud right now and David, this number's for you...Thank you for All the wonderful music and Labyrinth will always be among my most favorites.
    Heroes for ever and ever
    Fly Free!
    The End Of An Era indeed

  4. I did it with Five Years. D.E.P (=R.I.P.)

  5. Happy new year and best wishes for 2016.
    2015 ended with the loss of my HD, 17000 records compiled on the last 15 years through the web.
    And then this new loss, sad day for rock'n roll, had remebered me the STRANGLERS words:
    No more HEOES anymore, sadly.
    Antoine de Päris

  6. Worth a listen to the cover of HEROES by post-punk spanish band PARALISIS PERMANENTE in their "El Acto" LP, one of the best example of the movida madrileña music of the middle 80's.
    Not your favorite style,i think, butjust for this one,as a tribute to David Bowie