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Dr. Dopo Jam - 1974 - Fat Dogs & Danishmen

Dr. Dopo Jam  
Fat Dogs & Danishmen

01. Cowboy-Song    (5:26)
02. The Rubber Waltz (4:06)
03. Ode to Daddy Meatloaf (1:35)
04. Surfin' in Sahara (3:45)
05. Mambo Bernaice (4:35)
 a) Instrumental   
 b) On a Manhatten Bar   
06. Scerzo for Violin & Pianoforte (2:50)
07. Rendezvous (Suite) (6:17)
 a) Do a Little Song   
 b) Chains and Change   
 c) Socket Who Me?   
 d) Rendezvous   
08. Tango Macabre (4:05)
09. Fat Dogs and Danishmen (9:50)
10. Nova Bossa Nova    (5:10)
11. Concerto for Solo Violin, Strings & Expanded Beatorchestra (8:20)
 a) Overture: Largo Maestoso   
 b) Satz: a. Adagio Delicatezza   
 c) Allegro in 5/4   
 d) Satz: Adagio con Dolore   
 e) Satz: Pizzicate Andante   
 f) Satz: Andantino con Amore   
 g) Finale Grandioso

- Kristian Pommer / clavinet, rhythm guitar, grand piano, backing vocals, compositions, arrangements
- Benkö Mihály / double bass
- Niels "Callecule" Carl Wilh. W. C. / drums
- E. Weisgard / drums, congas, percussion
- B. Clausen / drums, percussion, vibraphone, 12 string guitar
- Vagn Hansen / electric bass
- J. Knudsen / lead guitar
- Lars Bisgaard / lead vocals
- Claus Nordso / percussion, congas
- A. Gaardman / saxophone, flute
- J. Nørdal / trombone
- S. Snitker / trumpet, flute, backing vocals
- Poul Nielsen / trumpet, flute
- Lars Rasmussen / violin on "Scerzo For Violin & Pianoforte"
- Jorgen Martinsen / 2. violin on Track 11
- Soren Berggreen / 3. violin on Track 11
- Mads Henriksen / 4. violin on Track 11
- Wandy Tworek / solo violin on Track 11
- Birgit Smidt / vocals
- Birgitte Holm Sorensen / vocals
- Borge Lysholmortensen / vocals
- Carsten Uhlendorf / engineer
- Klaus Lorenzen / producer

Recorded at Metronome Studios, Copenhagen in August to September 1973. except track "On A Manhatten Bar" recorded at Soundtrack Studios, Copenhagen in June 1973 and track "Scerzo For Violin & Pianoforte" recorded at Dopojam Studio 3, Tralløse in July 1973.

For ''Fat dogs and danishmen'' (1974, Zebra) the basic eight-piece core of Dr. Dopo Jam remained almost intact, though a new bassist was introduced, Vagn Hansen took the place of Jesper Hindø.The main difference was the increase of guest musicians on supporting instruments, like the violin, trumpet, double bass, trombone, vocals etc. with the cast rising to number 11.The album sounds rather weaker compared to ''Entrée'', albeit very far from pale or uninteresting.The Frank Zappa-esque playful tunes and tricks remain Dr. Dopo Jam's basic components along with a strong Canterbury flavor, which often crosses over to complex Gentle Giant territories.The material is pretty jazzy with very powerful Horn Rock elements and impressive instrumental plays with a nod to Samla Mammas Manna, though the atmosphere is much breezier and ethereal.Complicated themes and long instrumental parts are always present, featuring soft interplays, funny rhythms and even some musical-satirical passages with sarcastic vocals.They did have a great of sense humor, which comes in contrast with the professional music lines and intricate ideas.Clive Nolan once said that Prog is definitely the best music genre, but it lacks one thing: Humor. This is not one of those cases.



  2. Thanks very much.Looking forward to this one.Should be nice and wacky.