Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ange - 2014 - Emile Jacotey Résurrection

Emile Jacotey Résurrection

01. Bêle, Bêle petite chèvre (5:34)
02. Sur la trace des Fées (5:02)
03. Le nain de Stanislas (4:58)
04. Jour apres Jour (5:20)
05. Innocents les mains sales (3:52)
06. Gustave & Lucie (6:27)
07. Le bouseux (3:54)
08. Ego & Deus (4:28)
09 .J'irai dormir plus loin que ton sommeil (5:04)
10. Aurélia (3:13)
11. Les Noces (8:22)
12. Parallèles amoureuses (3:16)
13. Le Marchand des Planètes (7:19)
14. Ode à Emile (6:31)

-Christian Décamps / Vocals, piano, guitar
-Tristan Décamps / Keyboards, vocals
-Hassan Hajdi / Guitar
-Thierry Sidhoum / Bass
-Benoit Cazzulin / Drums

Emile Jacotey Résurrection is not a remix of the 1975 album. As the title suggests, it's a rebirth with the actual line-up.

IT's the link between the old generation (Brezovar, Haas, Francis Décamps) and the new one (Hajdi, Sidhoum, Tristan D.) around the "Godfather" Christian Décamps...

The original version is one of my favorite album from Ange. So I was a little bit mindful when I put it into my player specially with four new songs. The result is great more than expected. Old songs are reworked in a good way (sometimes a little rocker) and the new ones fit well with the concept (with additional talking from Emile, very interestin when, you understand French).

Musicians show also all their skills with a good production...

If you don't know the Orgiginal album, this one will be the right one to listen first. If you already know the original, you will enjoy this one...

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