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Ange - 2005 - Point D'interrogation

Point D'interrogation

01. Le couteau suisse (3:58)
02. Ricochets (5:55)
03. Histoires d'outre rêve (9:39)
04. J'aurais aimé ne pas t'aimer (4:17)
05. Le cour à corps (5:34)
06. Les eaux du Gange (5:15)
07. Naufragé du Zodiaque (inclus 'le thème astral') (9:12)
08. Entre foutre et foot (2:16)
09. Ombres chinoises (6:00)
10. Sous hypnose (4:58)
11. Passeport pour nulle part (Reflux d'aubes tempérées) (4:54)
12. Quand est-ce qu'on viendra d'ailleurs ? (6:27)
13. Jazzouillis (3:46)

- Christian Decamps / lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
- Tristan Decamps / keyboards, vocals
- Hassan Hajdi / guitars, vocals
- Thierry Sidhoum / bass
- Benoit Cazzulini / drums, percussion, keyboards (9)
- Caroline Crozat / vocals, chorus

Guest musicians:
- Guillaume Lebowski / didjeridoo, trombone (6,11)
- Emilie Salata / flute (6,11)
- Caroline Varlet / accordeon (8)

In 2003 I witnessed Ange their second concert in The Netherlands for 30 years. I was impressed by both the renditions of their 'classic' compositions (from The Seventies) as the sound of their new songs, very fresh and modern!
Listening to this new CD again I got impressed by the way French progrock legend Christian Decamps and his band Ange (featuring his son Tristan on keyboards and vocals) manage to sound so fresh, modern and inspired. The 13 tracks "?" (on the background cover you can replace this question-mark by your own title suggestion) sound tastefully arranged and very alternating: spoken lyrics, a tight beat and modern keyboards in Le Couteau Suisse, a compelling climate featuring acoustic guitar, Mellotron waves and vocals by Tristan in Ricochets, dreamy with didgeridoo and flute in Les Eaux Du Gange, twanging guitar, female vocals and accordeon in Entre Foutre Et Fout, a powerful rhythm with propulsive guitar riffs, trombone and flute in the intricate Passeport, a catchy rhythm featuring acoustic rhytm guitarand synthesizer runs from the vintage Korg MS20 synthesizer in the alternating Quand Est-Ce Qu'On Viendra D'Ailleurs? and expressive vocals and a great finale with a howling electric guitar in Jazzouillis. My favorite is the long song Naufrage Du Zoadique: compelling and lots of tension delivering fiery guitar with howling licks.

I wonder how many progheads are up to this wayward progrock but I keep on admiring Christian Decamps his inventive and adventurous musical attitude!

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