Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ange - 2000 - Reves-parties


101. Les piranhas
102. Approximatif Univers
103. Que deviennent les héros ?
104. Nocturnes
105. L'Orchestre
106. 3ème Étoile à Gauche
107. Quasimod
108. Les Nénuphars
109. Les sexe des anges
110. Selon Socrate et Copernic
111. Devine !
112. À bientôt sur la vie !

201. Bilboquet
202. Le rêve est à rêver
203. Présentation
204. Le soir du diable
205. Fou
206. Caricatures (poème)
207. Tout Bleu
208. Godevain le Vilain
209. Hymne à la vie

- Christian Decamps / keyboards, vocals
- Tristan Decamps / keyboards, vocals
- Hassan Hajdi / guitar
- Hervé Rouyer / drums, percussion
- Thierry Sidhoum / bass

Rêves-Parties is by far the least interesting live album from Ange. I have had a difficult ime to go through the whole of it for the purpose of this review. When you look at the tracklist, there is nothing real big to expect. Several songs come out Christian Descamps solo repertoire "Troisième Étoile À Gauche".
Actually, almost the entirety of disc one comes from this album. It sounds almost hard-rock; like what we could experience in their last studio album "La Voiture À Eau". Rather poor and uninspired. "Bilboquet" as well as "Le rêve est à rêver" com out of this album precisely. They are far from being great songs (but there were very few of that genre available on this weak album).
Fortunately the second disc will also hold some early Ange songs. I was quite enthusiast to see that "Caricatures" was featured on this live album; but I immediately have to change my mind since this "version" only last for hundred seconds. Actually, it is only a (too) fast recitation of the first part of the lyrics. What a pity to summarize this fabulous song to this masquerade.
Finally, if you want to know which ones of the songs are valuable on this double CD set, it is quite short to depict it : "Le Soir Du Diable", "Godevin Le Vilain" and "Hymne À La Vie" are the ones. Not more, unfortunately. I also would like to add that it is the third time that "Hymne À La Vie" is feautured on an Ange album. As if there are not sufficient material to choose from...

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