Sunday, January 10, 2016

Amory Kane - 1970 - Just to Be There

Amory Kane 
1970 - 
Just to Be There


01. Evolution   
02. Llanstephan Hill   
03. 9 Ravens   
04. Golden Laces   
05. Get Together   
06. After Vytas Leaves   
07. Childhood's End   
08. The Inbetween Man   
09. The Hitchhiker's Song   
10. Tenderly Stooping Low

* Amory Kane: guitar, vocals
* Dave Pegg: bass
* Ned Balen: drums
* Ron Geesin: Cymbals, Bass, Multitracked voices, Plucked and stroked piano strings

Though American, Amory Kane was based in the U.K. when he recorded this, his second album; Fairport Convention bassist Dave Pegg, in fact, is one of the accompanists. It's a somewhat drifting, laid-back singer/songwriter effort that doesn't strike out with much force or distinction. There's a bit of Donovan-like wistfulness, as well as something of a utopian hippie-era brotherhood feel à la "Get Together," which is in fact covered for one of the LP's tracks. But the tunes are on the bland side, and the songs sometimes have an awkward wordiness. Bits of pastoral period psychedelic touches float around the arrangements, like ghostly wind noises, hand percussion, and eerily reverbed plucks, scrapes, and licks.

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