Sunday, January 3, 2016

Agnes Strange - 1975 - Strange Flavour

Agnes Strange 
Strange Flavour

01. Give Yourself A Chance    3:31
02. Strange Flavour    3:59
03. Alberta    5:48
04. Loved One    6:06
05. Failure    5:20
06. Children Of The Absurd    7:52
07. Odd Man Out    3:55
08. Highway Blues    5:33
09. Granny Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll    5:23
10. Interference    1:34

Bass – Alan Green
Drums – Dave Rodwell
Lead Guitar – John Westwood

According to the liner notes on their rare 1975 album, bassist Alan Green, drummer Dave Rodwell and singer/guitarist John Westwood came together in 1972.  Originally from Southampton, England by 1974 they’d been signed a management agreement with the Dick James Organization and relocated to London in the pursuit of greater glory. Signed by Pye Records which then assigned them to its newly formed Birds Nest subsidiary, their 1975 debut “Strange Flavour” teamed the trio with producer Dave Travis (who also contributed a pair of songs to the LP).  With all three members contributing material, the set bounced between standard English blues and more commercial hard rock (imagine something along the lines of Budgie hanging out with early era Deep Purple).



  2. Signed by Pye Records which then assigned them to its newly formed Birdsnest Records subsidiary,their 1975 debut album "Strange Flavour" (CAT.No. - BRL 9000) While blues numbers such as "Alberta" and "Highway Blues" were competent, to our ears they're nothing special. Far better were the more up tempo numbers. Westwood was an energetic singer whose voice and fuzz guitar proved well suited to rockers such as "Give Yourself a Chance", the instrumental "Loved Ones" and "Odd Man Out". Personal favorites, "Failure" which sports some dynamite guitar and great group vocal harmonies and the mildly psychedelic "Children of the Absurd".
    Thx Drago,good job!