Friday, January 22, 2016

Abel - 1971 - Please World

Please World

01. Lost Control 4:30
02. Searchin for the Light 3:29
03. Being Lonely 3:46
04. Music Maker 5:30
05. Please World 3:39
06. Let Me Be 3:29
07. I'd Still Be With Her 2:55
08. Questions and Answers 2:55
09. Candy 5:00

- Abel Sanchez Guitar, Vocals, Producer
- David Spediacci Saxophone, Vocals Abel Bass, Main Performer
- Charles Bolds Bass
- Tom Catalano Drums
- Larry Chiesa Trumpet, Vocals

Great Funk rock album of Abel Sanchez with great horns and guitar effects including the nice tune "Music Maker". The drummer Tom Catalano had later form his own label :"Tom Cat". You can also find this album on "America" label.

A surprisingly decent record that somehow managed to escape my attention all these years, until user Heratius turned me on to it. Not great, but consistently good soul flavored pop/psych with some horns, sax, and heavy fuzz guitar. After scouring the internet, I have been unable to turn up any background info on these guys, not even where they are from. This seems to be their only release, from '71, and is pretty scarce nowadays.

Really nice soul/Latin rock vibe on this one.  Abel Sanchez is the guitar player on this and he lets loose with some nice fuzz laden solos.  They were from the Bay area like Santana.   Abel fronted Abel and the Prophets.

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