Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pink Floyd - 2015 - 1965 (Their First Recordings)

Pink Floyd 
1965 (Their First Recordings)

01. Lucy Leave
02. Double O Bo
03. Remember Me 
04. Walk With Me Sydney
05. Butterfly
06. I'm A King Bee 

Vocals, Guitar – Syd Barrett
Guitar – Rado Klose (Bob Klose)
Bass, Vocals – Roger Waters
Keyboards – Richard Wright
Drums – Nick Mason

Vocals on "Walk with Me Sydney" — Juliette Gale

Mastered for vinyl by Andy Jackson, Tube Mastering & Ray Staff, AIR Studios
2 X Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, EP, Limited Edition, Mono

1965 - Their First Recordings -  is an EP of Pink Floyd music, containing songs recorded in 1965 by the band. It was released as a limited edition set of two 7" vinyl records to extend the copyright of the recordings. This is the only official release featuring guitarist Rado Klose and Juliette Gale, Richard Wright's first wife. This release consists of the earliest Pink Floyd recordings available commercially, with five original songs written by Syd Barrett and Roger Waters, and one Slim Harpo cover.
Simply wonderful. Charming. Rocking too. "Remember Me" is pure garage thrash. "Double O Bo" is a bit of a dud but the rest of it is going to change your life. I was a douchey sack of gaywad until I heard these tunes and now I'm out there kicking sand into the faces of wimps. My aim is true!

The Mountain Ash Band - 1976 - The Hermit

The Mountain Ash Band
The Hermit

01. Birth
02. Journeys
03. Stone on Stone.
04. A Long Winter
05. Who Knows
06. I'll Sing For My Supper
07. The Outcast / Rebirth.
08. English Birds
09. Leading Lady / November
10. The Patient's Song
 Colin Cripps (Guitar / Research and original concept, music for songs) –
Ray King (Lyrics)
Sean Mansley (Narration)
Lynda Hardcastle (Vocals and Recorder) 
Alan Rose (Vocals and Whistle)
Martin Carter (Vocals and Guitar)
Geoff Bowen (Fiddle and Recorder) 
Graham Jones ( Bass, Vocals and Recorder)
Kevin Slingsby (Drums).

Production and arrangements including traditional tunes by Mountain Ash Band.

The album was recorded on 13th and 14th December 1975 by Look Records at September Sound Studios, Golcar, Huddersfield, West Yorks. Mastering and sound on songs David Whitely. Sound on Narration George Parks, edited by Robert Whitely. Sleeve design and artwork Kevin Slingsby. Witches Bane Music.

The Mountain Ash Band were an electric folk band, in the style of perhaps of Steeleye Span, based in Ilkley in 1975 and their one and only limited edition album The Hermit - became a collectors piece in Progressive Music circles.

Coventry Connection
In June 1973, while we were printing the very first issue of  Hobo - Coventry Music and Arts Magazine, Colin Cripps and Lynda Hardcastle (later of the Mountain Ash Band, were preparing The Willenhall Free Press for print also at the Left Centre bookshop in, Lower Ford Street, Coventry. The centre had a community Offset Litho which had been donated to the centre by Edward Thompson, author of  Making of the Working Class, who at the time was a Professor of historyWarwick University. Colin and Lyn were musicians, magazine editors and, I discovered live quite near to me in Willenhall, so naturally we became good friends and Colin and Lyn participated in the Hobo Workshop gigs at Holyhead Youth Centre (where the Specials and Selecter later began). They lived in a flat in Ivy Walk with their son and held regular soirees with poets, musicians and like minded people. Colin Cripps, who later authored the book Popular Music in the 20thC - Cambridge University Press 1988. Colin was an undergraduate at Warwick University, studying Literature at the time and they were both involved with a Community campaigning magazine The Willenhall Free Press and other forms of community activism.  One of the poets, from Ivy Walk was Ray King (Not to be confused with Ray King of the Ray King Soul band - also from Coventry). Ray went on to write the lyrics for the Mountain Ash Band's album - The Hermit. Colin and Lyn left Coventry in 1975 after Colin graduated and moved to Ilkley where they formed the Mountain Ash Band. Colin Cripps says "When Ray King, a friend from Willenhall, visited I told him the folk tale and he tuned in immediately and came up with a great set of lyrics. They had no verse and chorus structure because Ray was a poet not a songwriter, but there was enough to work with."

"Job Senior was a hermit. There are many ways of being a hermit. It was only for a short time towards his later years that Job lived on Ilkley Moor away from other people. For most of his life Job was a hermit in a crowd. The facts of his life, as far as they are known, are narrated on this album. The songs are not an attempt at story telling; more a series of glimpses of his world as we imagine it would have been seen by Job at the crisis points of his life." From the album cover.
The Lyrics sheet that came with the album -