Sunday, November 8, 2015

Alain Renaud - 1976 - Out of Time

Alain Renaud 
Out of Time

01. Opening Opus 19
02. Out of Time
03. Did You Try / Did You?
04. Introduction Opus 83
05. Straight Ahead

Backing Vocals – Jo Ane Williams, Lisa Strike
Composed and performed By – Alain Renaud
Drums – Clement Bailly
Producer – Alain Renaud

Hard-to-find LP from Alain Renaud titled "Out Of Time" released by Urus Records (000.010) in 1976. Second solo offering from French guitarist formerly of Triangle and who has worked with Heldon mastermind Richard Pinhas. This album has six offbeat tracks that are an uneven mix of jazzy fusion, progressive rock and spacey electronics. Renaud displays his considerable guitar abilities on frantic fusion and also shows some skills on synthesizers as well. The few tracks with Alain singing might remind you of Adrian Belew penned ballads with King Crimson...or maybe not. Lots of interesting stuff on this rare record.

Alain Renaud - 1975 - Renaud

Alain Renaud 

01. Back And In   
02. Uneasy Serenity   
03. Voyage Without A Guide   
04. Pretty Stranger

- Alain Renaud - all instruments
- Clement Bailly - drums
- Alain Bellaich - help on voices

Tracks A.2 and B3 recorded by Dominique Blanc-Francard and remixed in one of those typical little French Incompetent Studios.
The rest recorded at Schizo Studios (Brilliant Studios)

Alain Renaud played on some of the early Heldon albums, and his sound on the debut is somewhat similar. This first album features long drifting cosmic pieces of electronics and guitar. Not as menacing or as immediate as Pinhas' works however.