Saturday, October 24, 2015

La Clave - 1973 - La Clave

La Clave
La Clave

01. Sally Go Round The Roses - 3:07
02. Angels Of Mercy - 3:15
03. Move Your Hand - 3:03
04. Latin Slide - 4:03
05. Who You Fooling - 3:30
06. The Ghetto - 4:41
07. Road Runner - 3:22
08. Soul Sauce - 2:36
09. Baila Mi Guaguancò - 3:17
10. Cocoa Leaf - 1:39

Benny Velarde - leader, composer, timbales
Tito Garcia - vocals
Johnny Nelson - vocals
Gabriel Rondon - guitar
Lalo Schifrin - keyboards
Willie Colón - bass
Martin Fierro - tenor saxophone
Jerry Gilmor - baritone saxophone
Joe Ellin - trumpet
Luiz Miranda - congas
Pat O 'Hara - trombone
Al Zulaica - piano
John D'Andrea - arranger
Tony Bruno - producer

The only studio album band from San Francisco, headed by Benny Velarde. Released in 1973 on «Verve Records». A mixture of Latin music and funk-rock. The album was attended by invited session musicians, among whom was the Argentine jazz pianist and composer Lalo Schifrin.

An incredible album of Latin funk -- the only-ever record from this west coast combo headed by the legendary Benny Velarde! Benny's a name that you might recognize from earlier, straighter Latin dates for Fantasy -- or for countless studio work during the 70s -- but here, he's really got a talent for a funky 70s groove -- and manages to hit a unique space that's somewhere between conventional funk, west coast Latin, and some of the hippest blacksploitation grooves of the time! The album also features some under-credited work from Lalo Schifrin -- who was tied to the project somehow (Velarde claims that the record was killed by MGM upon release because of a feud with Lalo) -- but never really fully credited in the notes. There's a definite link here with some of Schifrin's funkier soundtrack of the period -- a great blend of jazzier elements and headier 70s funk -- all served up with a tightness that has made the record one of our favorite funky treasures for years!