Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Surgery - 1980 - Übermorgen


01. Intro (4:47)
02. Kernein (3:04)
03. Adios G. F. (6:00)
04. Vurz Im Morgengrauen (6:38)
05. Intro Reprise (0:44)
06. Paulchen Panther (2:51)
07. Pisa (6:16)
08. On My Way To Übermorgen (5:08)
09. Sieben Plus Bossa (8:07)

Bonus-Tracks on 2010 Re-Release:
10. Sir Jerry (5:24)
11. Alter Narr, Was Nun? (4:38)
12. Feeling Good (3:30)
13. Katerfrühstück (4:36)
14. Schmalzer (3:46)
15. Amazonien, Teil 1 (1:40)
16. Heiter Bis Wolkig (2:31)
17. Amazonien, Teil 2 (3:36)
18. Rush Hour In Madrid (3:07)
19. Schmetterling (3:46)

- Alfred Gaudschun / congas, percussion
- Rüdiger Freitag / drums
- Jörg-Peter Podlasly / drums, congas, timpani, percussion
- Udo Custodis / tenor saxophone
- Thomas Miebs / organ, electric piano, acoustic piano, tenor saxophone
- Udo Fuellhaas / bass
- Herbert Klinger / guitar

Germans Surgery evolved out of the ashes of the Torageru band, when their guitarist Gerd Gitza died in a car accident.So a change of name was needed along with a few member changes and Surgery from the city of Marl were born in 1976.The politics of the band included taking part in the local Vest-Rock festival in consecutive years, competing with big local names such as Trilogy, Rousseau, Franz K., eventually winning it in 1979.By the start of the 80's they had expanded the line-up to a 7-piece core with three drummers/percussionists (!), Alfred Gaudschun, Jörg-Peter Podlasly and Rüdiger Freitag, along with keyboardist Thomas Miebs, guitarist Herbert "Herbie" Klinger, bassist Udo Fuellhaas and saxophonist Udo Custodis from Join In.During the same year comes out their only LP ''Übermorgen'' (Yregrus Records), a nice oddity of the Kraut Jazz Fusion scene due to the strong presence of drumming.The sound is a mix of devastating and loose 70's-style German Jazz Rock and airy Latin Fusion, the organ and fiery guitars next to the melodic sax and heavy percussion were blended in a convincing way and the result was an album mixing the dynamics and free spirit of the German Rock scene with thr softer side of Fusion and the tropical gene of Latin roots.Cool interplays, breezy melodies and some stretched solos are the album's guiding forces.After some line-up changes the band's story came to an end in the summer of 82' due to the departure of leader and main composer Herbert Klinger, who was attracted to Free Jazz, deciding to dedicate himself to this music level.Garden of Delights reissue contains no less than 10 bonus tracks from both the pre- and post-''Übermorgen'' periods.

Syncrisis - 1982 - Sunny Crisis

Sunny Crisis

01. Aperman's Jungle Dance (3:46)
02. Groovin' To Mr. L. (6:07)
03. Olé Mc (4:18)
04. Don't Cry, Shout! (4:05)
05. A Taste Of Happiness (4:13)
06. Nostromo (3:18)
07. Darbangha (5:19)
08. Reflections In Your Eyes (4:18)
09. Droppin'-Out-Intermezzo (1:24)
10. Red Baron (4:27)
11. Out Of Mind (2:26)

- Titus Köstler / guitar
- Peter Frodl / bass
- Uwe Holzwarth / drums
- Edgar Müller / electric piano, mini Moog synthesizer

Obscure progressive/jazz rock band from Germany with 2 albums under their belt with second one from 1982 named Sunny crisis being the most intresting one. Led by excellent guitarist Titus Kostler who has some amazing moments here, I really don't know why this musician is so unknown, really he has some fantastic guitar solos and arrangements , just to be checked Darbangha for example, superb piece that shows how great this band was and with all that totally unknown to larger public. Jazz rock melted very efficient with progressive moves, nice keybords and drums, overall a pretty decent even great release. Furious guitar parts but very intresting combined with keyboards and superb bass lines make from this album a little treasure in this field. Never realeased on CD so far, and is a damn shame because maybe that way they had a far more exposure. Very good album that needs to be discovered or re discovered by many listners as possible. The album doesn't have weak moments only highlights, the side B being the most intresting one with plenty of excellent passages that will please both progressive rock and jazz rock fans alike.

Syncrisis - 1981 - Reflections in Musical Power

Reflections in Musical Power 

01. Just a happy time
02. Kamala
03. Reflections
   a) Wait a minute - a drum solo
   b) Katharsis
04. Daydreams
05. Bata Mata Moone Taboo
06. Mata Dalam, for the inside looking man
07. One Hope
08. Sweet nights

- Titus Köstler - Guitar
- Edgar Müller - Electric piano and mini-moog synthetizer
- Peter Frodi - Bass
- Uwe Holzwarth - Drums
Special guest:
- Armin Keller - Congas and timbales (1 and 8)

Short-lived German Jazz-Rock act with a light proggy flavor.Syncrisis were located somewhere in South Germany and led by drummer Uwe Holzwarth, guitarist Titus Köstler, bassist Peter Frodi and keyboardist Edgar Müller.Their first album ''Reflections in Musical Power'' was recorded at the so called Syncrisis-Studios (reputedly Holzwarth's basement) and released in 1981 as a private press.

The album is a very cool mix of fiery Prog/Fusion with tropical Jazz-Rock, always presented with a very positive and pleasant aura.The musicianship is all instrumental, including some superb guitar work by Köstler, somewhere between the styles of SANTANA and MARIO MILLO, filled with nice grooves and breezy solos.Edgar Müller, the man behind the keyboards, does a great job too.His electric piano lines have a strong CHICK COREA flavor, what are even more incredible are his breaking moog synths flights, which are really inspired.The rhythm section is quite strong as well and the album is characterized by the great number of interesting melodies, jazzy interplays and professional solos.

While not adding anything new to the endless list of Jazz/Fusion acts worldwide, Syncrisis' ''Reflections in Musical Power'' is an album full of nice surprises ans well-executed material, I think it definitely worths its money if a copy reaches your hands.Strongly recommended.

Kashmir - 1979 - Alarme!


01. Desert Bleu 3:27
02. Je Suis... 3:16
03. Alarme! 3:08
04. Linear 7:04
05. Far Away 4:44
06. Slowly 3:35
07. 6 H 30 4:20
08. Go! 10:13

Patrice Guenat (vocals, keyboards)
Henry Dubelly (vocals)

Late-70's Swiss duo, established by keyboardist/vocalist Patrice Guenat and Henry Dubelly, who sung and was also tha main composer of the group.They recorded their debut ''Alarme!'' at the Mountain Studio in Montreux, mixed by David Richards (sound engineer for Queen, David Bowie, Yes).The album was released in 1979 on Kiswell in several European countries, later it was released under the title ''Je suis'' only for the Swiss market.

Pitty that the production of the album is rather questionable, because ''Alarme!'' is a very good Electronic Rock album with strong influences by TANGERINE DREAM and JEAN MICHEL JARRE.Quite a bit of cosmic electronics, soaring synthesizers and pounding drums dominate most of the tracks, which contain also a fair amount of symphonic breaks, creating a grandiose and beautiful atmosphere.''Go!'' is propably the best example of Kashmir's style, a long and sonic Progressive Electronic piece of music with outlandish synths, nice choirs, Classical influences around the middle and heavy percussions, excellent work indeed.But there are also hints from more Classic Prog stylings in ''Alarme!''.The long ''Linear'' is characterized by some spacey synthesizers, psychedelic vocals, light organs and and good guitar solos, reminding a lot of PULSAR.''Far Away'' has a nice mellotron-flute and Avant-Garde piano lines, offering a sinister and unique atmosphere.''6 H 30'' contains excellent vocals and some very nervous synthesizers along with soft drumming to recall again PULSAR's sound.

One the most underrated gems of Progressive Electronic Music.Atmospheric, cinematic, highly symphonic and emotional music all the way.Strongly recommended.

Känguru - 1981 - Känguru


01. You're Not My Sacred Cow     5:20
02. Titti Fritti     4:04
03. Caramba Hey     3:02
04. Coco (Der Schrottspecht)     3:51
05. No Question     4:13
06. Ein Schönes Haus Im Garten     6:02
07. Atlantique     4:05
08. Witness     5:28
09. Nora Flora     4:35

Bass Guitar – Anselm Kluge
Drums – Olav Gustafsson
Guitar – Peter Weihe
Producer – Achim Gunske
Synthesizer – Claus-Robert Kruse

This group from experienced musicians, hailing from Hamburg, was brn out of the ashes of another Jazz/Fusion act, To Be.When guitarist Peter Weihe dissolved To Be in 1980, he had the chance to meet again with his former bandmate and keyboardist Claus-Robert Kruse.The two musicians gave birth to Kangueru, surrounded by drummer Olav Gustafsson and bassist Anselm Kluge.They recorded their debut in their hometown, at the Try Harder Studio, with Herb Geller as a guest on sax and flutes, a musician formerly known for working with Brave New World, Lucifer's Friend and Satin Whale.The self-titled debut was released in 1981 on the obscure Pingo label, re-released a year later on Marifon.

This group played typical, 80's Jazz/Fusion akin to SURGERY and SYNCRISIS, minus the strong Kraut influences, while you should add a fair dose of funky elements in their all instrumental proposal.Pleasant music with pretty solid guitar work, including bluesy and Rock'n'Roll stylings between the furious grooves and the jazzy solos, and some fantastic keyboard work, performed mainly on synthesizers.The atmosphere goes from Lounge atmospheres to smoky, guitar-led Fusion with a decent synth background, featuring nice breaks and a consistent rhythm section, while Geller provides a nice depth with his careful sax and flute parts.All tracks obtain a happy feeling due to the playful, naughty guitar and piano tunes, expect a couple of them to sound as standard 80's products with a cheap production and a rather bland, radio-friendly approach.But there are also a couple of killer cuts in here, like the balanced opener ''You're not my sacred cow'', which soon escapes from the funky intro to offer a synth-based Fusion with nice sax and guitar as supporting instruments, while ''Ein schoenes haus im gruenen'' contains some of the best guitar hooks and solos in a Latin style, performed by the very talented Peter Weihe.

Breezy and dreamy Jazz/Fusion for all fans of delightful, instrumental music.Avoid if you search for complex arrangements or extreme solos, this one is based on tight plays and melodic structures for all lovers of good music.