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Andy Fraser Band - 1975 - Andy Fraser Band

Andy Fraser Band 
Andy Fraser Band

01. Don't Hide Your Love Away   
02. Changed Man   
03. Ain't Gonna Worry   
04. I Wanna Be There   
05. Bring It On Home   
06. Double Heart Trouble   
07. Keep On Loving You   
08. Love Is All Around   
09. Love Forever   

Nick Judd
Kim Turner
Andy Fraser

Man, I have a heavy heart posting this...
This is one of the best albums I have ever owned.Andy Fraser was one of the funkiest human beings on the planet, and he writes songs that are just too good to be true. "_Don't Hide Your Love Away"_ opens this album in a high energy fashion, with the bare bones band of drums, lead  bass guitar and keyboards laying down a heavy sound and groove.
Fraser sings in a smoky soulful voice, reminiscent of the singer in his previous band, Paul Rodgers. Fraser and Rodgers had previously been together in the band Free, and you can hear Fraser's architecture of that unique sound on this recording. Like Free, some of the songs sound laid back and lazy, but there's always a backbeat there, grinding away."Double Heart Trouble" is an outstanding track on this album, later covered by Frankie Miller.
Nick Judd on keyboards and Kim Turner on drums are loose enough to make this sound work for Andy Fraser.
The ground breaking thing about this album is the lead bass guitar played by Fraser, which was novel then, and is as innovative sounding today. Only Mark Sandman of the band Morphine took the bass guitar even close to this unique place.

I also love Andy Fraser's singing. It is a truly expressive instrument, but probably an acquired taste. For reasons unknown,after this album Fraser abandoned this musical concept and left it behind. I was very saddened that he did. He adopted a more traditional approach on his next solo album "In Your Eyes". The "Andy Fraser Band" album may not be for everybody, but it's one of my top ten "desert island discs" for sure.

I will fucking miss you.

Planet Gong - 1992 - Live Floating Anarchy 1991

Planet Gong
Live Floating Anarchy 1991

01. Floating Anarchy Radio (6:03)
02. It's The Time of Your Life (3:05)
03. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (6:65)
04. New World Transformation: No More Sages (12:32)
05. Poet For Sale (4:35)
06. Pot Head Pixies (2:55)
07. Astral Alien (5:39)
08. Much Too Old (3:20)
09. Change the World (3:20)
10. Teeth (3:44)
11. Allez Ali Baba Blacksheep Have You Any Bullshit:Mama Maya Mantram (11:52)
12. Opium For The People (6:12)

Bonus Track:
13. Astral Alien (soundcheck version) (5:43)

- Daevid Allen / guitar, vocals
- Steffe / guitar, vocals
- Keith tha' Bass / bass, vocals
- Andy Roid / synthesizers, vocals
- Nick Danger / drums

 As appropriate in today's political climate as ever it was in '77 or '91, perhaps even more so. Fired up to the max and totally detached at the same time - blimey isn't that a description of the state of bliss? Simply put, if you love Live Floating Anarchy '77, as I and many others do, then this is what you have been waiting for.

Compiled from the original mixing desk master tapes this release contains some of the most powerful live versions of many of these songs you are ever going to hear - a searing squeal of feedback on 'It's The Time of Your Life' just couldn't rule out what is THE version of that tune, in fact it adds to it. New World Transformation is just that, transformative, Teeth - frightening, Ali Baba - glorious and the end of Opium For the People is just totally crazy...I could go on, every track has it's strengths.

One of the often missed aspects of this Planet Gong line-up was the harmony singing, with Andy Roid and Steffe often wonderfully complementing Daveid, not something you'd expect from such an energetic maelstrom of music makers. Also here is the first CD appearance of Daevid's haunting 'Astral Alien', a song introduced on these tours, as you can hear on the 'bonus' track.

A release with so many powerful and sublime moments - one that certainly wigs out, occasionally teeters on the edge of sonic oblivion - but hey that's Floating Anarchy with Planet Gong for you, and this as near to seeing them live as you can get. Vibey as...

Planet Gong - 1978 - Live Floating Anarchy

Planet Gong
Live Floating Anarchy

01. Psychological Overture Zero (2:36)
02. Floatin' Anarchy Zero (5:16)
03. Stone Innoc Frankenstein Allen (3:19)
04. New Age Transformation Try: No More Sages Zero (12:06)
05. Opium For The People. Allen (4:24)
06. Allez Ali Baba Black-Sheep Have You Any Bull Shit: Mama Maya Mantram Zero (15:01)

- Prof. Sharpstrings P.A. (Steffy) / guitar, lips, glissando guitar & amp, vocal on track 2
- Keith da Missile Bass / bass guitar & Tree trunk
- Kif Kif Le Batteur / drummery & asides besides
- G-avin Da Blitz / synthesizah & pinball flip

Gilli Smyth and Daevid Allen teamed up with the band who would become Here and Now to put out this album, which matches up some old Allen pieces from the likes of Camembert Electrique and Bananamoon with new pieces making their first appearance here. Here and Now play in a psychedelic style which would put them in good stead on the festival circuit which in a few years would spawn the likes of Ozric Tentacles, and indeed the overall impression is a lot like "Allen and Smyth meet the Ozrics". G-avin Da Blitz' keyboard skills are easily on a par with Tim Blake's, whilst the mysterious "Professor Sharpstrings" has a guitar style that is more aggressive and direct than Steve Hillage, but no less psychedelic - it's rather reminiscent of Hendrix in fact.

The new energy and directness brought to the table by Here and Now adds a new dimension to the usual Gong tomfoolery, and whilst it is expressed best (as usual for Gong) in the extended ten minute plus compositions, the shorter pieces also benefit from this added hippy- punk vibrancy. A short-lived subfaction of the Gong family, but arguably an important one, Planet Gong would prove to be Daevid Allen's jumping off point to incorporate the sounds of the New Wave into his music, which arguably came to a culmination in the startlingly different New York Gong album.

Mother Gong - 2005 - Glastonbury Festival 1979-1981

Mother Gong
Glastonbury Festival 1979-1981

01. Dogs (3:28)
02. Dreaming It (2:56)
03. Rats Amok (5:09)
04. Robot Woman I (1:58)
05. Birds So High (9:23)
06. Beautiful Country (5:36)
07. Evidance (5:16)
08. Disco at the End of the World (4:30)
09. Robot Woman 2 (5:32)
10. Wild Child (5:57)
11. Machine Song (4:15)
12. Searching the Airwaves (7:31)
13. Customs Man (7:15)

1979 Band:
- Gilli Smyth / lyrics, vocals
- Didier Malherbe / saxophone, flute
- Eduardo Niebla / guitar
- Mo Vicarage / synthesizer
- Trevor Darks / bass
- Ermano Ghizio Erba / drums

1981 Band:
- Gilli Smyth / lyrics, vocals
- Harry Williamson / guitar, vocals
- Didier Malherbe / saxophone, flute
- Jan Emeric / guitar
- Guy Evans / drums
- Dane Kronenberg / bass

Mother Gong - 1994 - Eye

Mother Gong

01. Fanfare (0:48)
02. She's The Mother Of ... (3:37)
03. Sun Day (3:59)
04. Beds (1:21)
05. Time Is A Hurrying Dog (3:07)
06. Ancient (8:58)
07. Zen (2:37)
08. Quantam (6:40)
09. Spirit Canoe (3:48)
10. What If We Were Gods And Goddesses (4:30)
11. Auction (0:46)
12. Little Boy (1:47)
13. Magic Stories (5:40)
14. Excuses (1:16)
15. Sax Canoe (0:52)
16. Fairy Laughter (1:29)
17. Virtual Reality (9:01)

- Doug Kerr / bass (1 to 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 16, 17)
- Robert George / drums (1 to 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 16, 17)
- Harry Williamson / keyboards (2, 4, 7, 9, 12, 14, 15)
- Robert Calvert / saxophone (1 to 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15 to 17)
- Gilli Smyth / vocals [Spoken Words, Spacewhisper]
- Tom The Poet / voice (11, 12 & 14)

Guest musicians:
- Alicia Gardiner, Bee Williamson, Claire Avent & Lisa Maree Faulkner / chorus [A Capella] (2)
- Elizabeth Van Dort / vocals [Hot Gospeller] (2)
- Harry Williamson & Tarnia Gzatska / percussion (6)
- Orlando Allen / percussion, flute [Didgeridoo] (6), drum [Heartbeat] (9)
- Taliesin Allen / drum [Vortex] (9)
- Robert Calvert / keyboards (13 & 17)

Mother Gong - 1993 - She Made The World Magneta

Mother Gong
She Made The World Magneta

01. Magenta (32:09)
02. Water (4:24)
03. She Made The World (5:25)
04. The Weather (6:27)
05. Malicious Sausage (1:27)
06. Sea Horse (3:15)
07. Spirit Calling (4:23)
08. Tattered Jacket (3:46)
09. Waipu (3:23)
10. When The Show Is Over (5:18)
11. I Am A Witch (1:14)
12. The Spirit Of The Bush (2:59)
13. Blessed Be (0:18)

- Daevid Allen / drone (1)
- Gilli Smyth / vocals
- Harry Williamson / guitars, keyboards, vocals (3)
- Robert Calvert / saxophone
- Conrad Henderson / bass
- Rob George / drums, percussion

Mother Gong - 1992 - Live 1991

Mother Gong
Live 1991

01. Womb (0:49)
02. In the Beginning Rutherford (2:19)
03. Four Horsemen (3:02)
04. New Man (2:20)
05. Ambassadors (3:06)
06. Hungry (1:15)
07. Fat Cats (3:30)
08. Big Daddy World (3:46)
09. Miaow (4:35)
10. Pigalle (3:33)
11. Superboots Smyth (7:16)
12. Wildchild (6:02)
13. Sorry! (1:20)
14. Mr Union Carbide (5:19)
15. Space Case (10:10)
16. We Who Were Raging (10:23)
17. Wilful Housewife (2:20)
18. Crying Is Strength (3:41)

- Gilli Smyth / vocals
- Harry Williamson / guitar, keyboards
- Rob Calvert / saxophone
+Tom the Poet / poet

Mother Gong - 1991 - Wild Child

Mother Gong
Wild Child

01. Time (7:28)
02. Augment/Lady (7:39)
03. Today is Beautiful (6:21)
04. Crazy Town/Fire (5:34)
05. We Women (2:39)
06. Child (7:26)
07. Superboots (6:38)
08. Room I (3:26)
09. Room II (1:21)
10. Aere (13:52)

- Robert Calvert / Tenor & Soprano saxophones
- Robert George / drums, percussion
- Conrad Henderson / fretless & fretted Bass
- Gilli Smyth / vocals, spacewhisper
- Harry Williamson / synthesizers, guitars, vocals

For those unfamiliar with the GonG story, during the late 70's, Daevid Allen and his partner Gilli Smyth parted company for some time, Allen following his muse in various Gong-related projects, and Gilli releasing a solo album (Mother) and shortly after assembling the band MOTHER GONG with her new partner Harry Williamson. After a most wonderful album which fused some well arranged Space-Rock with child-like stories narrated by Gilli (Fairy-Tales), the 'Robot Woman' trilogy followed. The trilogy was a lot of fun, though marred with much of what we all dislike within music of the early-to-mid 80's. 'Wild Child' was recorded during 1989, and received a vinyl release on Dave Anderson's 'Demi Monde' label. The LP features 7, mainly 6-8 minute cuts, as opposed to the 10 tracks which appeared on the CD. The overall production is a lot smoother and cleaner, the band well-honed players, including Robert Calvert providing some excellent sax work (not the famous Hawkwind member, but the less famous guy from the great CATAPILLA), Rob George on drums, Conrad Henderson on basses as well as Harry (gtrs/keys) and Gilli on voices and space-whisper. She can't really sing, but rather 'speaks' her texts, and that is possibly an acquired taste for many. Her space whispers are never an issue. Compositionally, we're not far away from what made up Robot Woman 2 and 3, the notable difference here is that the music veers toward a more jazz-prog form with some psychedelic twists and quirky turns, and without some of the New-Wavey elements which infected those earlier albums. No one track stands out over the other so it's a fairly consistent listen, but nothing overly wild or spectacular which really reaches out and shakes you.

Mother Gong - 1989 - The Owl And The Tree

Mother Gong
The Owl And The Tree

01. I Am a Tree (4:40)
02. Lament (3:36)
03. Hands (3:15)
04. Ally (4:11)
05. La Dea Madrí (7:05)
06. Owly Song (6:36)
07. I Am My Own Lover (14:31)
08. Love Poem (4:59)
09. Coda Wave (2:01)

- Daevid Allen / vocal, glissando & acoustic guitars
- Gilli Smyth / speaking voice, spacewhisper & stillness
- Harry Williamson / everything imaginable plus synthi's, keyboards, vocals, craziness
- Rob Calvert / breathing into microphones & saxophones & ears
- Rob George / thinking time with spaces, silences, drumbatter & percussions
- Fretless Fred (Conrad Henderson) / bass guitar, no fretting, no Worries, no wacking furries
- Tim Ayers / bass guitar Quicksilver
- Wandana Arrowheart / Hugs sparks and Owl's harmonium
- Georgia / torchy freesong & soulsinging

 I really love Gong Egg's Trilogy - for their psychedelic craziness, few later PM Gong albums as excellent jazz fusion works. Numerous side-projects starting from late 70-s are of very different quality, from great to almost unlistenable.

Mother Gong is original Gong's singer Gilli Smyth side-project, based on participation of multi-instrumentalist Harry Williamson and some Gong family members. On "The Owl And The Tree" two more great artists participates - Daevid Allen and Catapilla's sax player Robert Calvert .

What we have here is excellent Gilli Smyth-led project - aerial, spacey music with touch of Canterbury, plenty of excellent jazzy sax soloing and psychedelic atmosphere. If you liked Gilli's moments on Egg Trilogy, but didn't had her participation enough, just take this album! Excellent concentrated Gilli's spoken/singing poetry, fantastic atmosphere, and less Allen's craziness. Fantastic light'n'bright poetic work, full of sax in air.

The only problem with this album for me is David Allen's two songs somewhere in the middle. Not like he sings badly, but his two compositions are out of place and destroy common album's atmosphere. Without these two songs, the album could be almost excellent. But Daevid's 14 minutes-long "I Am My Own Lover" ( the song that could be nicely placed on some Allen's solo album) just break that light and mystic atmosphere by it's regular craziness.

So - one of really great post original-Gong album, very recommended, especially to fans of Gilli's voice and spacey mystics.

Mother Gong - 1988 - Fish In The Sky

Mother Gong
Fish In The Sky

01. Fish in the Sky
02. We who were raging
03. Time
04. I Sing
05. Tudor love peom
06. Cafe reflection
07. I am a tree too

- Harry Williamson / keyboards
- Gilli Smyth / vocals
- Rob Calvert / saxophone
- Rob George / drums, percussion
- Conrad Henderson / bass

Mother Gong - 1986 - Robot Woman 3

Mother Gong
Robot Woman 3

01. It's You and Me Baby
 i. Faces of Woman
 ii. Desire. War.
 iii. Children's Song
02. Lady's Song
03. Woman of Streams
04. I'm Sorry
 i. Men Cry
 ii. Solutions
 iii. Magenta Part One

- Gilly Smyth / vocals
- Harry Williamson / keyboards
- Robert Calvert / saxophone
- Rob George / drums, percussion
- Conrad Henderson / bass

MOther Gong - 1982 - Robot Woman 2

Mother Gong
Robot Woman 2

01. Suggestive Station (3:28)
02. This Train (4:47)
03. I Wanna Be With You (4:43)
04. The Moving Walkway (1:55)
05. The Upwardly Mobile Song (1:27)
06. Tigers or Elephants (3:21)
07. Mirror (2:53)
08. You Can Touch the Sky (All Work No Play) (4:37)
09. 1999 (4:41)
10. Crazy Town (3:05)
11. The Angry Song (4:27)
12. My Life (2:08)
13. Leotards (3:12)

- Dane Cranenberg / bass
- David Sawyer / percussion
- Didier Malherbe / saxophones, flute
- Gilli Smyth / space whisper
- Guy Evans / drums
- Harry Williamson / guitars, vocals, keyboards

The original GONG, featuring Daevid Allen and his partner Gilli Smyth fragmented by the mid-70's, with drummer/percussionist Pierre Moerlen taking the band into jazzier realms. By the end of the decade, Gilli had formed a close relationship with another fellow musician, Harry Williamson, resulting in her parting with Daevid for some time. After cutting a solo album 'Mother' (which I haven't heard) she put together Mother Gong, a band continuing in a similar, quirky vein to Gong. Perhaps in reaction to the famed 'Radio Gnome' Trilogy, Smyth had constructed the 'Robot Woman' trilogy, stating her feminist viewpoints and response to all that 'Women's Lib' stuff. Musically speaking, the band featured such free-thinking, progressive musicians as Guy Evans (VDGG) on drums/perc., and Didier Malherbe (Gong) on flutes and saxes, with guests such as Steve Hillage and Hugh Hopper passing through the ranks.

Robot Woman 2 became increasingly 'new-wave' sounding, but still highly creative and fun, the music being more of a back-drop to Gilli's ranting, although if one has the patience to hear what is going on and how certain results are achieved, the music can strike you as being quite colourful and psychedelic. This is, of course, my perception - it has taken me many years to fully appreciate what this album has to offer The original vinyl LP contains a big fold-out poster which may be assembled into a comic book, explaining the story and concept in visual form. Whilst losing the edge off the first Robot Woman release, this 2nd installment is still a fine album which flows along smoothly and should appeal to the psych/space crowd nicely.

Mother Gong - 1981 - Robot Woman

Mother Gong
Robot Woman

01. Disco At The End Of The World
02. Robot Woman
03. Machine Song
04. The Sea
05. Searching The Airwaves
06. Billli Bunker's Blues
07. Military Procession
08. Customs Man - Rapist
09. Fire
10. Red Alert
11. Stars
12. Australia

- Dane Cranenberg / bass
- Didier Malherbe / saxophones, flute
- Gilli Smyth / space whisper
- Guy Evans / drums
- Harry Williamson / guitars, vocals, keyboards
- Hugh Hopper / bass
- Yan Emeric Vagh / guitars

This is the first and best album of Mother Gong's Robot Woman trilogy. It features Guy Evans of Van der Graaf Generator on drums and Hugh Hopper of Soft Machine as guest musician on some tracks. It is about the adventures of Beta the robot woman, who wants to become a real woman. Itstarts with an unusually funky track, Disco at the End of the World. However funky it is though, this is not disco music at all. Yan Emeric adds some good guitar licks to the funky bass of Dane Cronenberg, and Didier Malherbe is just his usual self, which means excellent. The second track Robot Woman has something zappaesque to it and, although musically excellent, is definitely on the funny side too; you can almost hear Malherbe laughing on his sax. Machine Song features Steve Hillage of Gong and Nik Turner of Hawkwind and has a lot of Gilli's trademark space whisper (she never sighed that erotically before, in my opinion). Good guitar solo of Hillage too in that song. It floats into The Sea, which is more space whisper over drones, and then continues into Searching the Airwaves, which again is quite funky with some great sax by Didier Malherbe. Side two starts with Billy Bunker's Blues; think of the cowboy from Dr. Strangelove riding on the atomic bomb to earth singing a country song about the importance of his mission, and you get the impression. Good guitar picking by Yan Emeric. Military Procession is exactly that: marching drums and piccolo flute, with Gilly Smythe ranting about the stupidity of the arm's race until she gets grabbed by the crocodile-faced Customs Man. This leads into a number of that title, the middle of which is an instrumental freak out which lends the musical background to a monologue of the Customs Man, during which he rapes Beta. The song concludes with a great guitar solo by Yan Emeric which is among my top ten guitar solos of all time. The shamed and enraged Beta sets fire to the town in the next song, which is another monologue over instrumental freak-out. It leads into Red Alert; Billy Bunker seems to have launched his rockets. However, in Stars the world and all the rockets are frozen and turned into ice cream, and the world is given a second chance. The final song Australia is a satirical dub reggae in which Australia is praised for its safety of nuclear bombs. While the album is not as coherent as the predecessor Fairy Tales and has a few little downs the overall material is excellent

Mother Gong - 1978 - Fairy Tales

Mother Gong
Fairy Tales

Wassilissa (22:28)
01. Three Riders (2:55)
02. The Baba-Yaga's Cottage (4:06)
03. The Forbidden Room (2:38)
04. Time Machine (1:35)
05. Flying (4:26)
06. Wassilissa Returns Home (3:05)
07. Through the Machine Again (1:03)
08. The Baba Yaga (2:40)

The Three Tongues (12:41)
01. The Shoemaker's Son (2:13)
02. Land of Dogs (2:20)
03. The Frog (0:50)
04. An Irish Inn in Rome (1:32)
05. The Arena (0:56)
06. Turtles (1:31)
07. Birds (1:05)
08. The Feast (2:14)

The Pied Piper (14:38)
01. Hamelin (1:03)
02. Rats Amok (0:59)
03. An Angry Crowd (2:20)
04. Rat Rock (2:16)
05. A Thousand Guilders? (1:58)
06. Children! (2:33)
07. Magic Land (3:29)

- Gilli Smyth / vocals
- Harry Williamson / guitars
- Didier Malherbe / woodwind, reeds
- Ermano Ghisio Erba / percussion, drums
- Trevor Darks / bass
- Mo Vicarage / keyboards
- Eduardo Niebla / guitars
- Ronnie Walthen / Uilleann pipes
- Marianne Oberasher / harp
- Nik Turner / muzma, oboe
- Corrina / voices

This album is unlike anything i've ever heard before in my life. Gilli Smyth from GONG and Harry Williamson have created something very special here.Three Fairy Tales are told with samples, affects and most importantly with some incredible music. Nik Turner (HAWKWIND) plays aboe, Didier Mahlerbe (GONG) adds woodwinds and reeds, Eduardo Niebla (ATILA) guitar plus there are many other guests. It's difficult to describe what's going on here because I won't do it justice. Gilli is simply perfect as the narrator for these three stories. And while I pretend to be an adult I am completely taken in by these stories. Who doesn't love hearing a good story right ? And as I mentioned the music is fantastic as we get guitars, drums, uilleann pipes, woodwinds, bass, harp and keyboards.

Gongmaison - 1993 - Live at Glastonbury '89

Live at Glastonbury '89

01     Opening Invocation
02     Deva Invocations: Earth / Fire / Water / Air
03     Direct Line To God
04     Bellyful Of Telephone
05     Titicaca / Changing Woman
06     People Poem
07     Negotiate / World Peace
08     We Circle Around
09     Flying Tea Dance
10     You Are I & I Am You
11     Heartsong

    Acoustic Guitar, Guitar [Glissando], Vocals – Daevid Allen
    Harmonium, Vocals – Wandana*
    Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals – Harry Williamson
    Saxophone, Flute, Electronic Wind Instrument [Wx7] – Didier Malherbe
    Tabla, Percussion, Electronic Drums – Shamal Maitra*
    Violin – Graham Clark

Gongmaison - 1989 - Gongmaison


01. Flying Teacup (5:25)
02. 1989 (4:22)
03. Titti-Caca (10:10)
04. Tablas Logorythmique (1:10)
05. Negotiate (13:45)
06. We Circle Around (4:58)
07. Flying T. Dance Mix (15:49)

- Daevid Allen / guitars
- Didier Malherbe / wind instruments
- Harry Williamson / synth, keyboards, vocals
- Shyamal Maitra / tablas
- Graham Clark / violin
- Wandana Bruce / vocals (1, 3, 5 & 6), harmonium
- Conrad Henderson / bass
- Jenni Roger / vocal (6), backing vocals (5)
- Rob George / cymbals (5)

Gongmaison - "Gong", as in the Daevid Allen-led incarnation of the band, circa the classic Angel's Egg trilogy, and "maison" as in French for "house", as in house music. The Gongmaison project saw Allen pull together a range of musicians - including Gong stalwarts such as Didier Malherbe - for an experiment in fusing the classic Gong sound with modern-day dance music.

The connection isn't as left-field as you might think - Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy would launch a second career as System 7 a couple of years down the line when they realised the potential of taking their Rainbow Dome experiments and applying those ideas to dance music, and Allen's own The Wise Man In Your Heart sounds an awful lot like a prototype of the genre to me. Still, whilst the experiment is fascinating the album simply makes me yearn for another listen to You instead of continuing with the interminable Flying T. Dance Mix.

On the whole, worth a look for Gong fans and a nice experiment in dabbling in a genre otherwise ignored or sneered at by prog musicians, and of course the partial reunion here eventually led to further Allen-fronted Gong projects down the line.

Acid Mothers Gong - 2006 - Live Tokyo

Acid Mothers Gong
Live Tokyo

01. Gnome 11:11 [Invoking Third Dimensional Gnomolinguistix]
02. Ooom Ba Wa! [Invocation of Ulterior Motif & Conversation with Gongly Godpods]
03. Crazy Invisible She [Invocation of Undulating Absences]
04. The Unkilling of Doctor Octave Doctor Da Ja 4J [Ceremonie Undone]
05. Avahoot Klaxon Diamond Language Ritual
06. Rituel Umbrage Demon Stirfry & Its Upcum [Ceremoni Rhino-Electrik Upstir]
07. Jesu Ali Om Cruci-Fiction [Ceremoni Ikonaklastika]
08. Ze Teapot Zat Exploded [Ceremoni Joyful Killpast]
09. Eating Colonel Saunders Upside Down
10. Vital Info That Should Never Be Spoken [Ceremoni Secretif (Oui-Ja Boardinghouse of Codes)] 11. Parallel Tales of Fred Circumspex [All Nude Pissing on yr Toes Song]
12. The Isle of Underwear [Ceremoni Pink Lady Limonade 599g]
13. Ohm Riff Voltage 245 [Ceremoni Tribal Surge]
14. Totalatonal Farewell to the Innocents [Lullabye Jackal & Formaldahyde]

    Daevid Allen – guitar gliss, vocals/fx
    Gilli Smyth  – space whisperer
    Josh Pollack – guitar, megaphone
    Kawabata Makoto – guitar, voices
    Cotton Casino – synth, voices
    Hiroshi Higashi – synth, voices
    Yoshida Tatsuya – drums, sampler
    Tsuyama Atsushi – bass, whistle, vocals

Whatever you may think of Daevid Allen, no-one can doubt that he is an unusual person to say the least. Born in 1938 he has been a mainstay of the avant garde for many years and this album captures the latest incarnation of Gong, where they joined forces with Acid Mother Temple, a Japanese band performing a similar style of music.

This is the second album to be released from the 2004 tour, and captures a band that are kicking together producing music that is at the very limits of that definition. My wife tells me that the simple way to describe this album is just to say that it is crap, and I know where she is coming from. This is music that is out there, way out there, and if you want to see a photo of a naked 66 year old hippie strutting his stuff onstage then just look inside this digipak.

Acid Mothers Gong - 2006 - Live In Nagoya

Acid Mothers Gong
Live In Nagoya

01. "HoHoHo!" (avahoot klaxon's acidological report) 16:30
02. Makototen 14:05
03. Glissade Gillisade 13:37
04. Lady Lemonade 11:40
05. Bellyful of Telephone / Why Do? 3:44
06. Hari Balmy Bom Riff 6:46
07. Virtual Lover 7:34

Daevid Allen (guitars, voices)
Gilli Smyth (voices)
Didier Malherbe (wind instruments)
Makoto Kawabata (guitars)
Cotton Casino (synthesizer, voices)
Atsushi Tsuyama (bass, voice)
Hiroshi Higashi (synthesizer, theremin)
Tatsuya Yoshida (drums, voice)
Josh Pollock (guitars, megaphone)

Psychedelia. It's a term that's perhaps the most over-used of musical buzzwords. Less than half the records that the media labels as psychedelic actually have the characteristics of true psychedelia. Perhaps moreso than any other record, Acid Mothers Gong's Live in Nagoya delivers utterly chaotic and out-of-control psych.

It only makes sense right? After the naisence of psychedelia in the London underground, Daevid Allen and Gong went farther out still, becoming one of the first bands to put the expansive sound of the live shows of the likes of Barrett's Floyd or his own Soft Machine to record. Meanwhile, in modern times, Acid Mothers Temple has taken what Gong started and made it even more insane. This collision of the two guantlets does not disappoint.

Daevid Allen gliss guitars more shimmeringly than he has in over thirty years while Kawabata Makoto's intense guitarwork gives the music a harder edge than Gong ever had. To amp up the chaos, fellow guitarist Josh Pollock matches Kawabata's intensity. Speaking of Chaos, Ruins drummer Yoshida Tatsuya is on the drums. 'nuff said.

Acid Mothers Gong explodes constantly as they go through a mixture of new songs, AMT songs, and Gong classics to provide a mindblowing set that we're all very lucky was caught on record. This is no-holds-barred psych at its absolute finest.