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Gong - 2006 - In the 70s

In the 70s

01. Eat That Phonebook (2:38)
02. End of the Day (0:55)
03. A PHP's Advice (0:47)
04. Om Riff (7:59)
05. Flower's Gone (4:35)
06. I've Been Stoned Before (3:38)
07. Long Shanks (1:57)
08. O Mother (1:12)
09. Holy Mystery (6:23)
10. Tropical Fish (studio rehearsal) (4:47)
11. Selene (3:07)
12. Never Glid Before (home rehearsal) (6:36)
13. Oily Way (home rehearsal) (5:28)
14. Blues for Finlay (Live 1972) (13:25)
15. Benamou's announcement (0:59)
16. 'I don't know encore (2:14)

- Tim Blake / synthesizers, harmonica, vocals
- Steve Hillage / lead guitar, vocals
- Didier Malherbe / Tenor saxophone
- Pierre Moerlen / drums
- Mike Howlett / bass
- Daevid Allen / vocals, rhythm & gliss guitar
- Christian Tristch / bass (10,14 & 16)
- Mac Poole / drums (14 & 16)
- Pip Pyle / drums (10)
- Gilli Smyth / vocals, spacewhisper (10,14 & 16)

The first 9 tracks is the classic '73 line-up without Gilli, live and quite well recorded,expecting some harshness but with nice highs and a good precense. The highlights are the almost 8 minutes « Om riff » (« Master builder ») with a fantastic Hillage's solo, while « Holy mystery » is an embryonic version of the « Fish rising » first piece. After comes some alternate « Camembert » studio covers with real good sound : « Tropical fish » and « Selene ». Excellent.

Two others alternate tracks from « Angel's egg » : « Never glid before » and « Oily way ». Interesting covers, unfortunatly featuring a blurry sound with a bumped low.

« Blues for Finlay » is a rare '72 cover of the « Continental circus » main theme. The most psychedelic cover to date with a hazy-document sound, but loaded with incredible wha-wha guitar.

Only 3,5 stars because of the average sound quality, but it remains a great document for Gong fans. This « Voiceprint » CD comes under a Digipack form with a nice mauve inside color.

 Another great document that is in fact a collection that included live versions "Radio Gnome" pieces, alternative takes of "Tropical Fish", "Selene" and ultimate version of "I've been stoned before" (with extremely "guttural" vocals) from "Camembert Electrique" and more. Another example of great anarchistic Gong lineup. Incredible opening in "Eat that phonebook" and stunning "Om riff" . The whole album is very interesting in the best Gong's tradition. Sound quality deserves to be better on some tracks, however it shouldn't hold back no Gong fan from getting it. If you are into Camembert-Radio Gnome-era of Gong --- it's an "absolute must"

Also appeared as Bananamoon Obscura No. 16: Gong on Acid '73 on Allen's Mail order

Daevid Allen's University of Errors - 2004 - Jet Propelled Photographs

Daevid Allen's University of Errors
Jet Propelled Photographs

01. That's How Much I Need You Now (4:03)
02. Save Yourself (3:28)
03. I Should've Known (5:43)
04. Shooting At The Moon [aka Jet Propelled Photographs] (4:12)
05. When I Don't Want You (4:12)
06. Memories (3:15)
07. You Don't Remember (4:05)
08. She's Gone (2:17)
09. I'd Rather Be With You (3:40)
10. Love Makes Sweet Music (3:07)
11. Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin' (2:40)
12. Hope For Happiness (5:53)
13. We Know What You Mean [Soon Soon Soon] (3:24)

- Daevid Allen / vocals
- Josh Pollock / guitars, vocals, megaphone, xylophone, piano, percussion
- Michael Clare / bass
- Warren Huegel / drums, percussion

Daevid Allen wasn´t really satisfied when he was a Soft Machine member and he always wanted to redo these songs. If Robert Wyatt changed the lyrics everytime he sang those songs, why not redoing them and sing them from the heart? Daevid Allen followed this premise and, with the help of Josh Pollock, they rearranged Soft Machine´s first songs (from the Jet Propelled Photographs demo) and other tunes from the period in which Daevid Allen was involved. One of the surprises of the record is that Daevid Allen is not the guitar player, and he leaves that role for Josh Pollock, whom guitar playing is considered much better, and Daevid Allen is only the vocalist.
And what about the music? Well, those who are familiar with the original record won´t find many novelties, but the original psychedelic spirit is still there 40 years later. The main difference, beside the lyrics, is the energetic guitar playing by Josh Pollock, that gives a different approach to the songs and make them sound very modern. In fact, those who hadn´t listened to the original songs wouldn´t think they were composed so many years before. Songs like "Save Yourself", "I Should Have Known", "Feelin´ Reelin´ Squeelin´" and "Hope for Happiness", that I consider the best efforts of the whole record, gain such energy that they seem to be conceived on the 2000´s, and confirm Josh pollock´s abilities as player and composer. Although the overall result is quite good, I don´t think it makes this record a must have piece, and it will mainly satisfy Daevid Allen and Soft Machine hardcore fans. For the rest, I reccommend starting with the original record and leave this as a secondary option and, as Professor Paradox notes, do the homework, think about the origins and compare it with the new form.

Daevid Allen's University of Errors - 2003 - Ugly Music 4 Monica

Daevid Allen's University of Errors 
Ugly Music 4 Monica

01. Skulls Of Our Enemies (5:26)
02. Wage Slave (2:08)
03. Mystico Fanatico (4:18)
04. Rich Men Eat My Voice (3:23)
05. So What? (7:42)
06. PHP 2032 (2:53)
07. Earthbound (5:41)
08. Moo? (2:23)
09. If You Die (7:28)
10. Clarence In Wonderland (4:28)
11. Patapan (2:30)

- Daevid Allen / guitar, vocals
- Michael Clare / bass
- Jason Mills / drums, percussion, piano
- Josh Pollock / bass, guitar, percussion, piano, megaphone

guest musicians:
- Nicoletta Stephanz / trumpet, theremin
- Tony Maimone / keyboards

The third album by University Of Errors from 2003 is a great mix of hard-edged guitar rock and crazy Gong experimentalism that works superbly. It deserves a far broader audience than Daevid Allen and Gong fans, in fact I suspect many might not find it their (joke for Gong fans) cup of tea? Teenage fans of grungey American indie guitar bands would surely love a lot of this, there's more than a hint of Red Hot Chilli Peppers here and there.

The opening instrumental rocks out around a Josh Pollock angular heavy riff and distorted feedback. Pollock's excellent guitar experiments and production feature strongly throughout the album, supported by the rock solid drums and bass guitar of Jason Mills and Michael Clare respectively. But as it says on the Planet Gong website, this album is not just a wall of urban metal-voodoo-feedback speed guitar...

There is a rocking version of "Pot-Head Pixies" and some of the other Allen songs and lyrics such as "Wage Slave" and "Mystico Fanatico" are up there with his best. Daevid is on good whimsical form for "Moo?" which discusses the pros and cons of putting soya milk or cow's milk in your tea. "Soya beans go 'weee' and cows go 'wow whoopee!'". The tone changes completely for "If You Die", a dark and moody track that ends with some great feedback effects. A nice version of an old Kevin Ayers popsong moves into yet more different musical territory and the album finishes with a crazy upbeat punk jig!

Daevid Allen's University of Errors - 2000 - E2X10=Tenure

Daevid Allen's University of Errors 

01. Iced Tea Overture (3:03)
02. If You Are Changing (5:23)
03. Ocean In The Distance (4:59)
04. Ocean Motha (9:15)
05. Olde Guitar Body O' Mine (3:27)
06. Innesfree (7:01)
07. One Mother Of Pearl (5:59)
08. Pinky's Party Song (3:15)
09. Good Evening Ned Kelly (4:14)

- Daevid Allen / guitar, vocals
- Josh Pollock / guitar
- Erik Pearson / guitar, sax, banjo
- Jay Radford / guitar, synths
- Michael Clare / bass
- Pat Thomas / drums

- Beth Custer / clarinet (4)

This CD is actually the best and most well rounded of the first three Daevid's Allen University of Errors recordings. Long time Gong fans need to except that this is University of Errors and NOT Gong. However...
There are times on THIS record where I feel that Daevid is reaching further into his heart and soul. Compared to the others, the song writing here is excellent. He even has hints of some of the conceptual ideas he first presented on his Good Morning solo album back in 1976. But again, this is NOT 1976 and this is NOT the Good Morning album or sessions. It is good though.
It should be noted that after the first few cuts, this recording is mellower and for me, more thought provoking. Worthy spin!

Daevid Allen's University of Errors - 1999 - Money Doesn Make It

Daevid Allen's University of Errors 
Money Doesn Make It

01. Money Doesn't Make It (4:24)
02. Prince Of Sidewalk Scooter (9:00)
03. False Teacher (5:57)
04. Involve Me (2:26)
05. Mullumbimby Mother (7:12)
06. Submarine Of Salt (1:17)
07. Prof Improbable's Preambule (4:54)
08. Cunning Style Construct (2:25)
09. Talkwind Upswerve (2:43)
10. Wedding Music (1:18)
11. Burn Tour Money (2:40)
12. Can't Buy Me Sex (0:14)

- Daevid Allen / vocals, guitar
- Josh Pollock / guitar
- Michael Clare / bass
- Pat Thomas / drums, percussion

- Jay Radford / guitar (2,5), sax (10)
- Erik Pearson / flute (2,5)

Daevid Allen's UNIVERSITY OF ERRORS started back in 1998 when, after touring the USA, Allen played some studio jams in San Francisco with the spacey improvising band MUSHROOM. It wasn't intended to be recorded, but the good relationship among the different members and the great musical result ended in the recording of the first record, 'Money Doesn´t Make It'(1999, Innerspace Records). The original line up consisted of Daevid Allen on vocals and guitars, guitarists Josh Pollock and Erik Pearson, keyboardist and synthesist Jay Radford, bassist Michael Clare and Patrick O´Hearn (credited as Pat Thomas) on drums. This line up would tour the USA and record another album, 'e²x10=tenure' (2001, innerSPACE 7715), which was also edited as a special limited edition through GAS before its official release.

After this record there would be some changes on the original line up, because Jay Radford left the band and Patrick O´Hearn and Erik Pearson decided to concentrate on MUSHROOM. The band recruited Jason Mills to continue touring, whose contribution is well documented in the live recordings 'Go Forth and Errorize!!!' (later released by Voiceprint on the Bananamoon Obscura series as 'Live in Chicago') and 'Live at Schubas', privately made CDRs that were sold on the 2002 gigs. They would also record the third studio album, 'Ugly Music For Monica' (2003 weed 7912), which featured PERE UBU´s keyboardist Tony Maimone.

Another line up change occured when Jason Mills decided not to tour Europe to concentrate on his band BEETROOT, so the band recruited drum instructor Warren Huegel. By the end of the 2003 tour the band abridged the name to be called simply UNIVERSITY OF ERRORS and recorded 'Jet Propelled Photgraphs' (2004 Cuneiform Records Rune 188), a collection of the early SOFT MACHINE songs and other songs from the period in which Daevid Allen was originally involved in the late 60's. In November 2006 the band played at the Gong Unconventional Gathering in Amsterdam, and the concert was filmed and recorded for the DVD release 'University Of Errors Play Soft Machine' (Voiceprint unGONGDVD001), which has been their last release to this date.

The first effort of the union between Mushroom and Daevid Allen is a collection of improvised music that evolved into a collection of songs thanks to the lyrics added by Daevid Allen. Those willing to listen to a typical "Gong meets Mushroom" record will be disappointed, because the music isn´t related at all to their funky fusion experiments and it sounds much darker, but also full of musical contrasts, humour and criticism.

From the funny "Money Doesn´t Make It", with its interesting hypnotic intro and a superb work on guitars, you know you are going to listen something very different of what you expected. The improvised nature of the record is clearer in songs like "Prince of the Sidewak Scooter", almost recitative at the beginning, but that turns into a jammy spacey song full of the typical guitar gliss, and "False Teacher", a delicate but really mysterious track, in which Erik Pearson´s flute gives it an eastern sound that will appear again in "Mullumbimby Mother", that reminds me some of the raga-like music they had previously played in their respective bands.

Unfortunately, from this time the rest of the songs seem to be only short sketches of what they had been playing in the studio (in a similar vein as Fred Frith´s "Speechless"). Although these are not obviously the best tracks of the record, they can give you an idea of what they had been playing and how they would sound like when pushing their music to the limit ("Cunning Style Construct", which really sounds like a free improvisation, and the joke of "Wedding Music", are great examples of their out-of-limits performance). The most remarkable songs are "Prof. Improbable´s Preambule", very experimental and with an acid flavour that sticks it hard in your mind, specially by the metronomic percussive sounds, and the crazy reprise of the first song, "Burn Your Money", which could be the perfect final for the record.

Despite not being a perfect record and having some flaws, the overall result is at a high level and I think it deserves a listen, noy only for the great musicianship displayed, but also because you can discover another side of this versatyle artist named Daevid Allen.

Daevid Allen - 2014 - Stoned Innocent Frankenstein

Daevid Allen 
Stoned Innocent Frankenstein


101. It's The Time Of Your Life (Alt. Mix)
102. Memories (Alt. Mix)
103. Out Of Here (Alt. Version)
104. Fred The Fish (Alt. Mix)
105. White Neck Blooze
106. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (Too Much For You) (Alt. Version)
107. And His Adventures In The Land Of Flip (Alt. Version)
108. I Am A Bowl (Alt. Version.

201. Poet In The Land Of Flip
202. Instrumental In The Land Of Flip
203. Flips From The Loophouse
204. Bass Flip

Backing Vocals [Chorus Singing] – Barry St. John, Maggie Bell
Bass – Archie Legget
Bass, Guitar – Christian Tritsch (tracks: 1-1)
Drums – Pip Pyle (tracks: 1-1), Robert Wyatt
Guitar, Guitar [Glissando], Vocals – Daevid Allen
Piano – Gary Wright
Violin – Gerry Fields
Vocals – Robert Wyatt (tracks: 1-2, 1-3)
 Vocals [Space Whisper] – Gilli Smyth

Recorded at the Marquee studios, London in January/February 1971
Digitally edited and remastered : Brian Abbott at Tiny Temple studios, Devon
Double CD of unreleased alternative versions and different mixes of daevid's first solo album.

CD1: [39.42]

    It's The Time Your Life (alt. mix) - [3.24] (C. Tritsch)
    A much brighter mix with daevid's vocals and the guitars leaping out, all is sharp, clear and fresh - and for those who know there is no 'mountain climbing' at the close.
    Memories (alt. mix) - [3.35] (R. Wyatt/H. Hopper)
    Who wouldn't be happy with an un-heard mix of Robert Wyatt singing Hugh Hopper's beautiful song with clearer vocals and guitar.
    Out Of Here (alt. version) - [5.37] (C. Tritsch)
    The most startling difference here the use of Robert Wyatt's high, angelic-sounding solo vocal for the chorus line as a counterpoise to daevid's deliberately gruff, rough delivery of the verses. On the released version that idea was abandoned and daevid sang all the lyrics in the throaty style.
    Fred The Fish (alt. mix) - [2.28] (d. allen)
    This track always reminds me of the Small Faces in their full-on 'cock-er-knee' music-hall mode. The top and tail of the track is different and once more the balance of guitar and vocals creates a much brighter dynamic.
    White Neck Blooze (alt. version) - [6.23] (d. allen)
    daevid's best Kevin Ayers impersonation. This is a much longer version than the original track which was 5.46 long including the 'Codeine Coda' end-piece which is not on this version. 'Codine Coda' appears in it's original form in the 'Flips From The Loophouse' selection of loops on CD2.
    Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (Too Much For You) (alt. version) - [3.36] (d. allen)
    On this track daevid uses an almost completely different set of lyrics. The song 'Stoned Innocent Frankenstein' developed from, 'Too Much For You' (hence the sub-title), which was first recorded by the Bananamoon Band and appears on 'Je Ne Fume Pas Des Bananes'.
    And His Adventures In The Land Of Flip (alt. version) - [11.36] (d. allen)
    The final, Bananamoon album version of 'And His Adventures In The Land of Flip' was a composite using elements from each of the different layers and mixes which appear on this release, including this one, a largely vocal-less version in which the complete balanced music rings out loud and clear and reveals some great, previously obscured passages of playing.
    I Am A Bowl (alt. version) - [2.41] (d. allen)
    A more clean, simpler version with much clearer vocals and with no trombone overdub - plus at one point someone appropriately enough repeatedly rings a china bowl with a spoon, well that's what it sounds like.

CD2: [48.41]

    Poet In The Land Of Flip - [11.59] (d. allen)
    The prime, daevid voice-rich layer with some radically different vocals including previously un-released verses. This is also the most lead guitar heavy layer with daevid's intense, cutting and rather special playing to the fore. We almost used this version on the CD1 're-make', but were finally seduced by the version chosen, it was a near run thing though.
    Instrumental In The Land Of Flip - [11.58] (d. allen)
    The clarity and crispness of Robert Wyatt's drumming and Gerry Field's violin playing are the standout features on this layer of the 'Land of Flip' strata, in essence it's the drum track. The drumming is so good and sharp that it makes one wonder that had this been available years ago would it have become one of those eagerly sampled drum tracks?
    Flips From The Loophouse - [12.56] (d. allen)
    A grand grab-bag of treated loop experiments created by daevid for the Bananamoon album, from the album sessions themselves. A technique daevid has always been very fond of and all done in the days when you needed patience and a sharp razor-blade. The original 'Codeine Coda' loop, which eventually ended up as an end-piece to 'White Neck Blooze', can be found here. These were seriously never meant to be consumed in one sitting so may just possibly suck your brains out through your ears - quite a mesmeric trip. The loops have not been further edited in any way, they are completely as discovered on the tape.
    Bass Flip - [11.42] (d. allen)
    Step forward the late Mr. Archibald Legget for the bass rich layer. Includes daevid's secondary vocal and guitar tracks.

It's strangely like hearing a wonderful new album - but one you already intimately know!
It seems that at one point during it's gestation daevid's first solo album was to be called 'Stoned Innocent Frankenstein'. In fact on the original BYG vinyl pressings the tracks on Side 1 are headed 'Bananamoon' and those on Side 2 'Stoned Innocent Frankenstein' Somewhere along the line 'Bananamoon' became the official title, no-body seems to remember why. It's certainly a more 'cuddly' name, but I think 'Stoned Innocent Frankenstein' moniker suits the edgy, almost one-take, psychedelic/garage music of the album much more. daevid even got as far as drawing up a record label for that title and a spooky photograph of daevid's shadow in a pose similar to that of the silent film classic 'Nosferatu' was taken and used perhaps working towards a cover concept which never quite coalesced. Maybe that's when 'Bananamoon' as a title was decided upon?

The audio is a different, more clear, crisp and dynamic take than that of the classic daevid album. The tracks are akin to original pencil drawings and initial vibrant oil sketches which were eventually over-painted to create what became the full oil painting, covered in the required layers of 'varnish', to complete a final album suitable for 1970 consumption. Consequentially it makes all the other versions sound rather muddy by comparison. Illuminating and revealing would be ideal terms to describe these recordings.

CD 1 follows the order of the original 'Bananamoon' album using alternative versions and alternative mixes, none of of which have been available before, in fact until the tape was unearthed in daevid's collection I don't think they had been heard by anyone for more than 25 years. Each track brings a new, fresh perspective.

The first disc alone would be an notable and intriguing Planet Gong archive release event, but there's disc 2 as well. The second CD will obviously directly appeal to the more seasoned Gong/daevid allen sonic co-traveller, consisting as it does of some deep tape-loopery and 3 different slices of the title track, one of the most out there, but oddly honest tracks daevid ever recorded. Actually there are enough juicy, innovative sections for anyone with an inquiring musical mind to enjoy, not just deep Gongsters and staunch Allenites.

We thought it's there in the can but it needs to be out there, heard and enjoyed - so we're releasing it all. There's nothing more, the Stoned/Banana cupboard is now bare.

Note:- It was during the recording of these tracks that daevid first met a youthful Tim Blake, almost two years before he joined Gong. Tim was an engineer/tape op/keen studio helper.

The design and layout, which cleverly uses daevid's original artwork as well as previously unseen drawings and artifacts of the time from the Gong archives, is by Peter Hartl with a little finishing by the ex-Invisible Clive Buckland-Bork. It is a triple-fold card sleeve with 12 page booklet.

Respect is due to Brian 'Zero' Abbott who not only did a first class mastering job, but has been a patient source of information and encouragement in helping to finally realise this release.

Daevid Allen - 2012 - Live at The Roundhouse 1971

Daevid Allen 
Live at The Roundhouse 1971

01. Introduction
02. What Do You Really Want?
03. Prostitute Poem : Rational Anthem
04. Poet For Sale
05. Love Is A Careless Sea
06. I Am Your Animal
07. Capt. Shaw & Mr Gilbert
08. I Am Your Fantasy
09. Fred The Fish
10. Death Of Rock

Daevid Allen {guitar, spoken word, tape loops}
Gilli Smyth {spoken word and vocal improv (spacewhisper)}
Robert Wyatt {drums}
Hugh Hopper {bass}
Elton Dean {sax}

The violinist is not named on the cover ["Mystery violinist"] but it is well documented that it was Gerry Fields.

10 Feb. '71


It was now three years since my deportation from the mum country so I was now able to legally re-enter England for the first time since 1967,


As part of this mode of return, Gilli and I accepted a spot at the Roundhouse as part of the giant Soft Machine family gig. We performed our previously successed pop poetry set with baking tapes and finally added Robert Wyatt and Hugh Hopper on drums and bass and Elton Dean on sax plus mistery violinist. It was walking the poetry and improv tightrope. It was fun to do.
But we again witnessed the passionate conflict of emotion that signifies any radical challenge to the predictable. Some think it's a fresh adventure, some simply think it's just a load of bollocks. Throughout the Death of Pop, half the audience hissed and booed. The other half cheered wildly. They argued. They abused each other. And this was England?

Intriguing, historic, reasonable middle-fi (audience?) recording of daevid and Gilli's return to performance in the UK 4 years after daevid was refused entry to the country in 1967. An event which led to him leaving Soft Machine. In the circular nature of things their return was at London's legendary Roundhouse supporting (and being partly supported by) Soft Machine. It was a bit of a proto-Uncon really.

daevid and Gilli dip into their spoken word/soundscape recent (back then) 'back catalogue', but at the same time also point to the horizon where the light of the rising Planet Gong is starting to lighten the sky by giving a UK premier to several works destined to become much more well known.

Later in '71 daevid and Gilli would return with Gong, firstly in the Summer for Glastonbury Fayre, a little Festival in Somerset which I think is still going, and then in the Autumn for the first UK Gong tour, but here on this echoey, but highly atmospheric recording a Gong vibe reverberates in Albion's consciousness for the first time.

Daevid Allen - 2006 - Beauty and the Basket Case

Daevid Allen 
Bananamoon Obscura No. 17 
Beauty and the Basket Case

01. Coolbrow Cathartonica (Boiled Egglake) 6:32
02. Thus Spake Lady Cottonade (Fried Egglake) 7:54
03. Gentlemen Strolling on a Fine Line (OM-lette) 0:51
04. The Egg Dragon's Glittering Eyes (Scrambled Egglake) 10:18
05. You Go Oh Yeah (Hemlocksfo Jesus Grill) 2:33
06. Vegan Feedback Smoothie Please (Hsfo Muzzleman Gridlock) 6:23
07. Psycho Delicate Hessianskin (Hsfo Rabbihat Goldclampervan) 4:57
08. Elastic Beaverzip Cadenza (Hsfo Sri Babaciao Siddhitrip) 8:31
09. Dread Lady Humanoid The Return (Hsfo Goddex Crustica) 5:31
10. The Stranger in the Tights (Hsfo Zoozen Boo) 2:07
11. Goodnight Nursery (Hsfomigodquick) 10:48


Cotton Casino {Zen synth and very unusual vocals}
Daevid Allen {Conditioned vocals, gliss and gutter guitar, worrying behaviour}
Kawabata Makoto {Very loud guitars, gentlemanly lute and lubricated utterances}

 The first spontaneous concerts of the trio in the USA 2002.

Daevid and members of the Acid Mothers Temple are a meeting made in heaven or hell, depending on your inclination. The result is certainly never less than arresting. Sublime and demonic, often at the same time, it is music than cannot be easily ignored. Is this real 21st century psychedelia or the sound of music (society?/the musicians?) unravelling at the seams - listen and decide.

These recordings have been selected from the 2nd gig at the Egglake Festival in 2002 and the 3rd gig at the Hemlock in San Francisco, 31.8.02. They were recorded by Bill Maas.

All tracks written and composed by daevid allen, Cotton Casino and Kawabata Makoto.

Daevid Allen - 2006 - Solo @ the Axiom, Cheltenham 1998

Daevid Allen 
Bananamoon Obscura No. 15 
Solo @ the Axiom, Cheltenham 1998

01. Rich Man Eat My Voice 1:10
02. High Points of Our Lives 2:43
03. O My Poor Brothers 6:09
04. Unriddle Me Gliss Then 12:04
05. Shadowself 4:17
06. Age Cage 2:08
07. My Penis Is Not Ageing 4:30
08. Relationsship of Fooles 5:59
09. Turn of the Road 4:03
10. Shaun's Birthday Cheer 0:29
11. Magick of the Circle 5:45
12. Magick Brother 6:21
13. Hours Gone 16:20


Daevid Allen {Acoustic, electric and gliss guitar, voice}

 A musical master Shaman at play.

Gigs at this very friendly venue have alway seem to have a touch of magic about them, and if memory serves me, this was one of the best. If it is the gig I think it is, then there weren't probably more than about 70 people there. But I remember being absolutely blow away by the musical power, presence and stage craft Daevid displayed to these lucky few that night, and thinking gigs don't get much better than this.

Daevid Allen - 2006 - Radio Art 1984

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 14 
Radio Art 1984

01. Psychic Radio Frontispiece 1:57
02. Anybody Listening? 3:06
03. Thom: Further On 4:33
04. Plenty Past Late 4:46
05. Listen Matey 9:18
06. Hello 3:22
07. Radio Brainwave 12:16
08. Psychic Radio 3:01
09. Art Radio 10:26
10. Punk Ironik 4:08
11. Telepathic Radio 3:12


Daevid Allen

Tape collages and radio pieces constructed and recorded by daevid.

Daevid Allen - 2006 - Bltered States of Alien KWISP

Daevid Allen 
Bananamoon Obscura No. 13 
Altered States of Alien KWISP

01. Zubbux 2:53
02. Theme to Tiki Yak Eye 2:26
03. Red Pap Lotus 2:58
04. Surrealistic at Large Domino 2:54
05. Bodega Lullabye 3:14
06. Zubbo 3:15
07. Tinkerbell's Confusion 6:55
08. Teriyaki Vest Odyssey 6:55
09. Disco Penguin's Nightmare 3:38
10. Dragons Titties 5:25
11. Ether Bunny's Music for the Massless 6:39
12. Altered Scooter (U of Errors Remix) 9:02


Daevid Allen {Gliss and experimemtal guitar, loops drones: all tracks except 3, 4, 8, 10}
Altered Walter Funk {Electroacoustic gizmoids, transformations, voices, electronix: all tracks}
Reid Johnston {Organ, ghost drum and hardware: 8, 10}
Cork Marcheschi {'The stuff': 8}
Lori Surfer Varga {Electronics: 9}

 Daevid transformed by Altered Walter Funk.

Bizarre and surreal psychedelic studio recordings from 2003/4. I don't know what Walter has been taking, but if you are offered any think very, very carefully before you partake. Actually it probably just oozes out of the speakers of your stereo, across the floor and through the soles of your feet, as what was extremely odd five minutes ago is starting to make way more sense than perhaps it should. Oh dear! Deeply strange and wonderful - 'stranged' and altered you may well be.

Daevid Allen - 2006 - Glissando Grooves

Daevid Allen 
Bananamoon Obscura No. 12 
Glissando Grooves

01. Lionization 8:30
02. New Spell 4:36
03. Solar Campfires / Cellular Phonics 5:51
04. Raksasha-Loka 4:22
05. Second Degree Soul Sparks 4:34
06. Darker Bowls of Rain 5:27
07. Elliptical Orbits (Purely Instrumental Mix) 5:57
08. ARC - A Real Creeper 6:34
09. Chiara Obscura (Chiaro + Clear Audient Mix) 3:41
10. In Search of Silver 8:37


Daevid Allen
Don Falcone
Karen Anderson
K. Soren Bengtsson
Robert Calvert
Michael Clare
Luis Davila
Paul Eggleston
Paul Fox
Chris Green
Edward Houston
David James
Jerry Jester
Mason Jones
Rich Landar
Kenneth Magnusson
Pierce McDowell
Mychael Merrill
Steve Palmer
Neil Pinnock
Teed Rockwell
Trey Sabatelli
Thom the Poet
Past O. Thomas
Judge Trev and Paul Williams

 The Gliss master with SFO Soundtribe 3 - the Spirits Burning Crew.

What it says on the tin. Fantastic!

Daevid Allen - 2006 - Live in Glastonbury Town

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 11
Live in Glastonbury Town

01. Nowhere to Everywhere 5:31
02. New Dreamtime 6:53
03. Ship of Fools 5:39
04. Marks Intro 0:29
05. Tasmanian Road Song 6:38
06. Mullumbimby Mother 3:39
07. Sesame 4:45
08. Hours Gone 9:18
09. Herbacious Border 6:49
10. Introd Heathens All Members 1:11
11. Lady Dear Lady 3:36
12. Introd OAU 0:47
13. Old as the Universe 6:31
14. Happiest Coda 1:10
15. Magick Brother 7:15


    Mark Robson {Keyboards, programs, vocals, whistle}
    Graham Clark {Violin and electric guitar}
    daevid allen {Guitar, glissando guitar, vocals}


    David Williams {Vocals: 9}
    Pok {Vocals: 11, 12}
    Maya Preece {Vocals: 11, 12}

 Live 1998 gig - Limited release.

Magick Brothers gigs are always special and rather rare events. Here is what is bound to be a warming 'hometown' gig before a audience of friends and relations with members of Kangaroo Moon and Heathens All making guest appearances. Mark's ecological protest song Tasmanian Road Song has always been a favourite of mine, and if memory serves this is a particularly powerful version.

Daevid Allen - 2006 - Melbourne Studio Tapes

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 10
Melbourne Studio Tapes

01. Boperatica 3:23
02. Magick of the Circle 9:37
03. Idealist 12:30
04. Garden Song 8:01
05. Trial By Headline 4:15
06. Boperatico 2:06
07. Lolli Song 5:37
08. Never Too Late 4:09
09. Here & Now I Allow 4:20
10. I Am My Own Roadie 1:30

Daevid Allen: Guitar,gliss guitar & vocals
Elliet Mackrell: Keyboards
Harry Williamson: Keyboards
Rob George: drums
Dougie Kerr: bass

 Great sounding unreleased studio demos - Limited release.

Funkier, wilder and more relaxed than the released high studio gloss versions these well-known tracks are great fun and totally recommended to all who appreciate Daevid's late '80's/early '90's solo and non Gong band output. This is the most hi-fi Obscura release so far.

In February 1990 Daevid returned to Melbourne from the UK where this spontaneous demo session took place at Harry Williamson's Spring Studio in St. Kilda. The all electric treatment given here by Daevid and Harry with Kangaroo Moon violinist Eliet Mackerell and the Mothergong rhythm section throws a new light on the songs.

Daevid Allen - 2006 - Live @ The Mistake Cleveland Volume II

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 9
Live @ The Mistake Cleveland Volume II

01. Sex Is a Careless Sea 7:40
02. Death of Rock 5:03
03. Tali's Birthday Song 4:24
04. Pearls 2:40
05. Bodygas 0:58
06. Froghello 2:12
07. Strong Woman 4:38
08. Opium for the People 4:09
09. Smile 11:42
10. Don't Be Afraid 2:07

Daevid Allen {Guitar, glissando guitar, vocals}

 2nd part of live 1980 gig - Limited release.

This rare recording for broadcast by WKSU, Kent, Ohio is from Daevid's solo US Divided Alien tour in the of summer 1980.

Daevid Allen - 2006 - Live @ The Mistake Cleveland Volume I

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 8
Live @ The Mistake Cleveland Volume I

01. Preface 1:26
02. SQ Invocation 7:54
03. When 8:06
04. Well 1:31
05. Bell 1:02
06. Boon 1:06
07. Dab 1:46
08. Gay 2:12
09. Poet for Sale 4:31
10. I Am a Freud 3:03
11. Fastfather 5:16
12. Disguise 1:04
13. Capt. Shaw & Mr. Gilbert 1:19
14. Gone & Wondering Waltz 1:56
15. Don't Wanna Be 2:20
16. Poems to Pop Stars: Kevin Ayers 1:02
17. Poems to Pop Stars: Robert Wyatt 1:16
18. Poems to Pop Stars: Bill Bruford 1:43
19. Poems to Pop Stars: Terry Riley 2:08


Daevid Allen

This recording is from Daevid's US solo tour summer 1980 at the The Mistake Club 7 Aug.

Daevid Allen - 2006 - The Mystery Disque

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 7 
The Mystery Disque

01. 21c Progrok 5:08
02. Clown Is Petrol 3:34
03. Master Freek 6:35
04. Barnicool Bill 3:29
05. Not Smiling... 5:55
06. Artscrew 7:17
07. Stuckinmybrain 9:02
08. I Planet 5:13
09. No Udder... 3:36

Daevid Allen
Nina Pixie {aka ninaH pixie}
Werner Slack {Negitivland}
Rob Workman {aka rob worDman}
Phil Knight {Legendary Pink Dots}
Alan Harrick {aka alan hErrick
Michael Clare {University of Errors}
Russ Kant {aka russ kEnt}
Malissa Margolis {aka mElissa margolis}
Mark Robson {Kangaroo Moon}
Michael Gandeau {aka michael gEndeau - Crawling with Tarts}
dAB {aka daS}

"A series of gleefully pataphysical encounters with a mysterious creator of BIG CITY ORCHESTRA in SF Oakland, Cal. I mean just sip the first track" - from Daevid's notes on the back cover. Also titled; ub/zero - it both covers work that daevid has done with bigcityorchestra over the past 20 years, and NEW noisey tracks !!

Daevid Allen - 2004 - Live @ The Knit NYC

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 6 
Live @ The Knit NYC

01. Introductions 1:11
02. Multidimension Marmalade Tonata 7:37
03. Temple of Menstruation 7:12
04. False Teacher 12:58
05. Your Book of Silences 9:33
06. Unriddle Me This 6:15
07. Defenestrating Frogs 8:38
08. Journey Into Divine Vagina 15:27

Daevid Allen: guitar, vocals
Nicoletta Stephanz: theremin, vocals

The surprising first blossoming of a musical duo which grew into a great tree of musick. Sez I: Nico quite simply has a potent effect on everybody she encounters. Theremin and gliss guitar a partnership destined to be.

Daevid Allen - 2004 - Live in Chicago

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 5
Live in Chicago

01. Intro / Innesfree 6:10
02. Money Doesn't Make It 6:06
03. Go Forth Introduction 0:43
04. Chainstore Chant / Pretty Miss Titty 5:01
05. Involve Me 4:48
06. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein 4:50
07. Iced Tea Overture 3:43
08. Ocean in the Distance 5:44
09. Pinky's Party Introduction 1:09
10. Pinky's Party Song 3:38
11. Mystico Fanatico 4:32
12. Memories 3:26
13. Progrock Dance Contest 2:56
14. 21st Century Progrock Man 1:37
15. Fohat Digs Holes in Space 10:14


Daevid Allen {Guitar, Vocals}
Michael Clare {Bass}
Josh Pollock {Guitar, Megaphone, Percussion}
Jason Mills {Drums}

Daevid and the Errors in full flow, wild and rather wonderful. Tracks 1-11, 13 were recorded at Schubas, Chicago on 12th August 2000, tracks 12, 14 and 15 at the Knitting Factory, New York on August 9th 2000.

Daevid Allen - 2004 - Bards of Byron Bay

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 4
Bards of Byron Bay

01. Giday 1:54
02. Bellyful of Telephone 0:47
03. Ring the Bells 3:20
04. Came to Find Her 6:06
05. Urban Shaman 2:38
06. I Am a Freud 0:33
07. My Penis Is Ageing 3:31
08. Seasons of Glass 2:50
09. Relationship of Fooles 5:32
10. Ryokin 2:55
11. Perfect Day in Paradox 6:38
12. Mirrorman 1:53
13. Let It All Go 6:18
14. Watching 3:12
15. Lord of the Wild Places 1:22
16. World Peace 1:16

Daevid Allen: acoustic and electric guitar + vocals
Russell Hibbs:acoustic guitar + vocals

 Live acoustic gig recorded in Australia - Limited release.

Daevid and Russell bounce their favourite songs and poems back and forth between each other as only old friends can for a relaxed and happy hometown audience. Recorded in Byron Bay, N.S.W. Australia in 1995. Not the greatest audio quality, but acceptable.
It is mostly Allen and Hibbs telling stories and having a good time together.

Daevid Allen - 2004 - Self Initiaton

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 3 
Self Initiaton

01. Hello Me 16:09
02. Hello You 14:48
03. Past Lives 16:09
04. Mystery School 5:49

Daevid Allen: Gliss guitar and voice
Gilli Smyth and Joe: Voices bespoken
Nimben silly symphony: Choir
Hakim Guilliam: Synthesizers
Harry Williamson: Sounds

Composed by Daevid Allen
Mastering by Dallas Simpson & Serendipity

 Meditation and healing music invoked in the mountains behind Mullumbimby in upstate NSW, Australia. Later used in Self Initiation workshops held mostly in and around Glastonbury UK.

Basically a wonderful Glissando guitar feast, though occasionally the recording is a bit hissy.

I regard this album with great respect as one of the best space rock album ever to be created, and Daevid Allen and his brilliant mind are responsible for many wonderful albums, which connect between time and space like few other musical artists ever did.

Daevid Allen - 2004 - Live in the UK

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 2
Live in the UK

01. Fohat Digs Holes in Space 9:47
02. Who's Afraid ? 7:27
03. Flowers Gone 10:15
04. Shadow 4:29
05. Thinkin Thoughts 2:28
06. Hope for Happiness 10:10
07. Bullshit & Be 5:27

Hugh Hopper {Bass}
Pip Pyle {Drums, percussion}
Daevid Allen {Guitars, Voices}

A most eccentric 3 piece jazz rock outfit from the Canterbury school - Daevid, Pip Pyle and Hugh Hopper. Easily the best Brainville material to surface to date and probably my favourite of the first 6 Obscura CDs. Mixed by Hugh Hopper, so sub-bass frequences to the fore. If the rest of the Obscura CDs reach the quality of the first two we are in for a real on-going treat.

Daevid Allen - 2004 - Studio Rehearsal Tapes 1977

Daevid Allen 
Bananamoon Obscura No. 1
Studio Rehearsal Tapes 1977

01. Mystic Sister 3:03
02. Magick Brother 7:22
03. Sittin' in a Teashop 4:29
04. Have You Seen My Friend 4:09
05. I Am the Rapist 2:25
06. Brothasista Invocation 2:30
07. Wee Bit More 6:00
08. Prostitute Poem 4:19
09. 5 & 20 3:58
10. Time of the Bananamoon 4:38
11. Deya Goddess 8:26

Daevid Allen: Vocals & glissando guitar
Gilli Smyth: Spacewhisper
Pepe Milan: Vocals & accoustic guitars
Juan Bibiloni: Vocals & accoustic guitars
Cloudhairy Pepe Riba: Violin, souzaphone & contrabass

 A rehearsal for the 1977 Gong reunion gig at Hippodrome in Paris, recorded at Daevid's 'Bananamoon Observatory' studio in Deya, Majorca. This is an indespensible release - a quite wonderful late-Deya period recording.

The majority of this tape was previously released as the GAS tape 'Deya Daze', although the sound quality is much better. Some of the tracks are longer, notably 'Magick Brother' where only the first couple of minutes were used on the 'Deya Daze' tape.

A lovely studio set by Daevid, his wife Gili and other players at bananamoon observatory studio in Deya,Mallorca

Many of the songs are taken from Now is the happiest time of your life album, performed magicaly.

A highly productive and spiritual period in Daevid's carear, this is a great release.

Daevid Allen - 2005 - I Am Your Egg

Daevid Allen
I Am Your Egg

01. End St. Station
02. Sacrifice
03. Melting Love
04. Slinky Ones
05. River Song
06. Ship of Fools
07. Midnight Sun
08. Undeniably
09. Time Dilation
10. Hungry Lion
11. Mechanical Schoolmistress
12. Palestine
13. Memory

Daevid Allen
Gilli Smyth
Orlando Allen
Josh Pollock
Kawabata Makoto
Steve Holt
Ren Waterfall
Gerard Lyndon
Efendi Jaenudin Pepen
Harry Williamson
Clara Quennefranc
Thierry Fosman
Scott Tinkler
Ayrun Carkeet
Sam McClain
Greg McClain
Simon Crosbie

More or less, pretty much your typical Gong effort - by that (of course) I mean it to be a good thing. I've had a few patrons ask me about this CD import - since it obviously isn't a 'main' release. Tunes that I dug the most were "End St. Station" (featuring some of Gilli Smyth's outstanding space whispers), the poetic gem {sort to speak} "Melting Love", the laid back seven-minute open-jam "River Song", the tripping "Midnight Sun" and the airy modern-day Gong classic "Memory". On the back cover, there are like twenty musicians listed, here are some of the familiar names (to me): Daevid & Orlando Allen, Gilli Smyth, Josh Pollock, Harry Williamson, Steve Holt and Kawabata Makoto - you get the point. Recommended.

Daevid Allen - 1999 - Stroking The Tail Of The Bird

Daevid Allen
Stroking The Tail Of The Bird

01. Stroking The Tail Of The Bird Part 1 (10:01)
02. Stroking The Tail Of The Bird Part 2 (15:50)
03. Moonpeople Gliss (10:25)
04. Deep Sea (12:59)
05. Rainbow Meditation (9:57)

- Daevid Allen / guitar [Glissando], electric guitar
- Harry Williamson / keyboards
- Gilli Smyth / vocals [Space Whisper]

Track 1 to 3 recorded 1987.
Track 4 recorded 1976.
Track 5 recorded 1998.

This is an intriguing collection of a number of ambient and New Age experiments made by Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth and Harry Williamson over the years. In fact, of the three performers it's actually Harry who dominates this time around, with each track built to a large extent around his synthesisers and Daevid and Gilli contributing guitar and ethereal vocals respectively in a sparse, minimalistic manner. At its best, this combination is really quite excellent; the latter sections of Stroking the Tail of the Bird Part 1 remind me in some respects of the similar sonic territories explored by Dead Can Dance. Not an album that was ever going to set the ambient world on fire, but a very credible contribution to the genre nonetheless.

Daevid Allen - 1999 - Eat Me Baby I'm A Jelly Bean

Daevid Allen
Eat Me Baby I'm A Jelly Bean

01. So What    
02. Gold Top    
03. I Can't Get Started    
04. Slow Boat    
05. It Ain't Necessarily So    
06. My Funny Valentine    
07. Au Privave    
08. St. Petersburg Cafe    
09. Salt Peanuts    

Bass - Larry Steen
Drums - Ndugu Chancler
Piano - Eugene Maslov
Saxophone [Alto] - Bloomdido Bad De Grass (aka Didier Malherbe)
Vocals - Daevid Allen

his album is recorded by 60- years old Australian beatnik and Gong founder Daevid Allen. He doesn't play guitar or other instruments there, just sings. And he sings jazz!

Musicians (including Gong fame sax player Didier Malherbe) play bop and cool jazz, and Daevid sings, mostly jazz standards, but one original composition as well. Some jazz standards have Allen's lyrics there!

Music is competent, but almost authentic be-bop, Allen has his characteristic voice timbre (even if ne isn't great jazz singer for sure). Main this recording's value is its atmosphere. Nostalgic, but with lite humour.

This album musically is no way connected with Canterbury, fusion or any form of progressive rock music form, but could be a pleasant memory for Daevid Allen as a great figure from late 60-s - early 70-s.

Daevid Allen - 1997 - Dreamin A Dream

Daevid Allen
Dreamin A Dream

01. Dear Friends 1:59
02. High Points 2:59
03. Brothers 5:57
04. Big Daddy 1:44
05. Wotsa Use 5:02
06. Garden Song 6:31
07. Came To Find You 6:01
08. The Rapist 4:37
09. Sittin' In A Teashop 2:43
10. Fire Becomes Her 2:52
11. No One's Slave 3:01
12. Tor Song 6:22
13. Dear Friends 3:12

Violin, Guitar [Lead] - Graham Clark
Vocals, Guitar, Guitar [Glissando], Keyboards, Producer - Daevid Allen

This album of singer-songwriter material from Daevid Allen isn't as wildly psychedelic as some of his solo albums, but it's both competently performed and well-produced and is a reasonable enough collection of New Age-tinged folky songs. This time around, Allen seems primarily concerned with putting across his thoughts on a range of interrelated topics - feminism, male privilege, all that kind of thing - which is the sort of thing he's regularly expressed an interest in over the years but has rarely approached with the seriousness evident this time around. Whilst it isn't entirely my cup of tea, I think Allen fans could do a lot worse than giving this one a try.