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SBB - 2007 - Live in Marburg

Live in Marburg 1980
The Final Concert

101. Gelb (11:11)
102. Blau (15:35)
103. Rot (19:43)

201. Freedom With Us (5:24)
202. 3rd Reanimation (3:16)
203. Weiss (7:56)
204. Purpurrot (15:17)
205. Grün (13:33)
206. Scarlet (6:24)
207. Schwarz (2:55)

- Józef Skrzek / keyboards, vocals
- Sławomir Piwowar / guitar
- Apostolis Anthimos / bass guitar
- Jerzy Piotrowski / drums

Recorded live in Marburg, Germany, 10.11.1980

Final concert by the first incarnation of this legendary Polish band.

Stunning, largely instrumental, long tracks I've never heard before took me by complete surprise. Like their excellent "Karlstad" album, the material here is unique and atypical of the band's better known style.

It's sad to see them disband afterwards, due to drummer Jerzy Piotrowski's retirement, but at least they go with a grand finale at the peak of their careers before reforming with new drummers a few years later. But that's another story.

There is nothing to indicate that the band was getting tired at this point, rather the opposite. High intensity, spirited performance throughout this 2CD-set is but a pure delight from beginning to end. To call it jazzy could be somewhat misleading. It's more like groovy dressed with some sexy jazz chords on the Fender Rhodes. Rhythmically it often reminds of Santana minus the Latin approach! Strange, but that's how it feels.

Soaring guitar and Moog solos - not heard since Mahavishnu, or Brand X - add to the overall pleasure. Long time friend and occasional collaborator Slawomir Piwowar (g, k, b) is guesting here and what a great addition he is!

At first listen I ended up leaving the album on repeat for the rest of the day, only to hear it again in the next two days. It's that good. The best Christmas present I got this time and heartfelt thanks for Metal Mind Productions for the release. Highly recommended.

SBB - 2007 - Complete Tapes 1974

Complete Tapes 1974

101. I Need You, Baby
102. Odlot (incl. Odlecieć z wami)
103. Wizje (incl. Erotyk)
104. Wicher w polu dmie

201. Pamięć z nami (incl. Ku pamięci, Wyjątek z wolności)
202. Zostało we mnie
203. Wolność do tyłu (incl. Przed premierą, Freedom With Us, Who Knows, 360 do tyłu)
204. I Need You, Baby *
205. Zostało we mnie *
206. Figo-Fago *
207. Rock For Mack *

- Józef Skrzek / vocal, piano, synthesizer (Davolisint), bass guitar, harmonica
- Apostolis Anthimos / guitar
- Jerzy Piotrowski / drums

Album contains full concert from 19.04.1974 which fragments were released as SBB's debut album. Contains 4 bonus track recorded in 18.04.1974 noted with * in track listing.

The debut album from Polish band SBB recorded live in 1974 at Stodola Club in Warsaw. This two-disc release contains the recordings of two concerts recorded during the group, which took place on 18 and 19 April 1974. The first disc contains the full concert recording from 19 April, the second contains songs from the 18 April, the 19th band does not play or played in completely different versions. A real treat for fans of the famous Polish band.
An uncompromising blend of unforgetable SBB on-stage energy (which actually became their trademark), white-blues, jazz and psychedelic rock – that’s what this LP really is. They may have recorded better sounding albums after that, but it’s ‘SBB’ that represents the essence of their music. A boundless force in sounds.

SBB - 2006 - Live In Spodek 2006

Live In Spodek 2006

01. Memento Z Banalnym Tryptykiem (8:39)
02. New Century Inc. Tajemniczy Swiat Mariana (8:23)
03. Odlot (9:47)
04. Rainbow Man (5:53)
05. Calkiem Spokojne Zmeczenie (5:26)
06. Improv: Drums Battle (1:51)
07. Walkin' Around The Stormy Bay (3:55)

- Józef Skrzek / vocal, bass guitar, keyboards
- Apostolis Anthimos / guitar
- Sławomir Piwowar / guitar
- Irek Głyk / drums

SBB - 2006 - Live in Congress Hall

Live in Congress Hall

01. Moja ziemio wyśniona - Wish
02. Ze słowem biegnę do ciebie
03. Szczęśliwi z miasta N.
04. Going Away:
- Freedom With Us
- 3rd Reanimation
- Going Away
- (Żywiec) Mountain Melody
- Loneliness - Theme
05. Improv

- Józef Skrzek / vocals, keyboards
- Apostolis Anthimos / guitar, bouzouki
- Sławomir Piwowar / guitar
- Jerzy Piotrowski / drums

Guest musician:
- Halina Frąckowiak / vocals

Recorded at "Sala Kongresowa", Warsaw
Jazz Jamboree '79

SBB - 2005 - Live In Theatre

Live In Theatre

01. Stary człowiek w milczącym ogrodzie
02. Odlot
03. W kołysce dłoni twych
04. Wojownicy Itaki
05. Całkiem spokojne zmęczenie
06. Memento z banalnym tryptykiem
07. Golden Harp
08. Z których krwi krew moja
09. Walkin' Around The Stormy Bay
10. Pieśń stojącego w bramie

Bonus cd only available with DVD

Józef Skrzek / vocal, bass guitar, keyboards
Apostolis Anthimos / guitars, drums
Paul Wertico / drums

SBB - 2005 - New Century

New Century

01. Golden Harp (5:50)
02. Music is My Life (4:54)
03. New Century (6:06)
04. Stary człowiek w milczącym ogrodzie (4:51)
05. Duch pokoleń (5:35)
06. Wojownicy Itaki (5:28)
07. When Was The Last Time? (4:01)
08. Carry Me Away (15:52)
09. PAJO (3:22)
10 Rock For Mack (1:47)

Bonus tracks (digipack):
11. Positive Polarity (2:31)
12. Viator Blues (5:22)

- Jozef Skrzek / vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, harmonica
- Apostolis Anthimos / guitars
- Paul Vertico / drums, percussion
- Julian Mack / guitar on "Positive Polarity", guest backing vocals on "Music Is My Life"

Mellow, reflective and confusing.

At this point SBB have largely left their former symphonic approach behind with only minute reminders of that still lingering around. I can't help, but to observe that the change seems to coincide with the departure of original drummer Jerzy Piotrowsky. I am not sure if he had that much influence on the band, suffice to say that he was exceptionally good on the skins.

Ever since the band seem to have lost a vital element - and that legendary powerful drive. Practically we are left with a duo engaging the services of skilled drummers. Drummers who never really blended with, or become creatively essential part of the band, resulting in a change of style and dynamics.

Paul Wertico is a fantastic drummer, but I only know that because I listen to Pat Metheny. His work with SBB remains precise, but average. The band has lost their former identity and haven't replaced it with a new and definite style. The odd nod towards Jazz-Rock is welcome, but not a dominant feature.

Typically, as all of their albums "New Century "too contains some fine compositions, passages hidden amongst less exiting material. Emotive ballads next to spoken words that are more suited as "colouring" on a Techno/Psychedelic piece. A Folk-like song that shepherds would sing in the fields, some nice melodies and a bit of stretching out form the bulk of this album.

If you are familiar with SBB then this package would represent another installment and somewhat enjoyable listening of their more recent (lack of) direction. In all sincerity, I enjoy bits here and there but if I didn't know the band, my first spin of the album would be the last.

It's not at all horrible, but rather confusing work - yet again.

SBB - 2005 - Lost Tapes Volume II (Studio & Live Recordings 1971-1979)

Lost Tapes Volume II
(Studio & Live Recordings 1971-1979)

CD 1 'Silesian Blues Band'

01. I’m Going Home
02. Kapelusz
03. Go-go-lowiec
04. Swingulec
05. Improv
06. Boogie
07. Blues

01. Previously Unreleased
03-04. 1972 Elektromontaz Club, Katowice
05-06. 1974 Rehearsal Chorzow

Irek Dudek: armonica 1-4
Jan Biedowski: violin (5-7)

CD 2 'Odleciec z wami'

01. Zostalo we mnie
02. Blad Katty
03. Tibor
04. Erotyk
05. Obraz po bitwie
06. Odleciec z wami
07. Sonntagmorgen
08. SBB-Sounds
09. Odlot / Wizje (rehearsal run-trough)
10. Erotyk

CD 3 'Ku pamieci'

01. Na ten czas
02. Wolnosc
03. Ku pamieci (for Jimi Hendrix)

CD 4 'Przebudzenie'

01. Marsz galerników
02. Pater
03. Przebudzenie
04. Wzlot
05. Bosa stopa
06. Kolyska
07. Karnawal w Rio
08. Bez dogrywek
09. Slodkie jak miód
10. Metaxa
11. A.P.
12. Slodka Zosia
13. Taniec Danusi
14. Fortepian na jednej nodze
15. Rozwichrowana maszyna
16. Dzien na gieldzie

CD 5 'Ogniste kolo'

01. Sekunda
02. Wibrujaca pozytywka
03. Ogniste kolo
04. Glebia morska
05. Wiosenna preria
06. Podejscie
07. Septet elektronowy
08. Egah
09. Jutrzenka
10. Zapadnia
11. Motyw szkarlatny
12. Odejscie
13. Malczewski (Uwertura, Wiosna)

CD 6 'Jazz Jamboree 1975'

01. Zapowiedz: Andrzej Jaroszewski
02. Od srodka

CD 7 'Live In DDR (I)'

01. Wolnosc z nami – temat
02. Born To Die
03. Improv
04. FOS
05. Bass
06. Improv
07. Drums

CD 8 'Live In DDR (II)'

01. Freedom With Us
02. Ida
03. Z których krwi krew moja
04. 3+2
05. Second Time
06. Bouzouki

CD 9 'Pop Session 1979'

Going Away:
01. Freedom With Us
02. 3rd Reanimation
03. Going Away
04. (Zywiec) Mountain Melody
05. Loneliness – Theme
06. Deszcz kroplisty, deszcz ulewny
07. Blues
08. Wizje
09. Landscape

'Lost Tapes, Vol.2' is the third part of the great anthology that encompasses the whole of SBB's musical output. When, over two years ago, the box 'Anthology 1974-2004' was released, it was believed that SBB's studio archives no longer hold any secrets. However, as an investigation into that matter ensued, so many long since forgotten recordings came to light that something had to be done about it. Hence, after the 22-CD 'Anthology', the 9-CD box 'Lost Tapes, Vol.1' was released. In accordance with what was announced at that time, the world is now offered the second part of 'Lost Tapes', filled to the overflowing with recordings that are previously unreleased, unknown or forgotten and, above all, perfect in every respect!

SBB - 2005 - Lost Tapes Volume I (Studio & Live Recordings 1974-1978)

Lost Tapes Volume I
(Studio & Live Recordings 1974-1978)

CD 1 'Impresje'

01. Dla Egona 3:12
02. Impresje 3:38
03. Pamietnik Rudigera 4:28
04. Kala 2:10
05. Dziwne zwierze 3:13
06. Szalony Grzes 6:21
07. Wyjatek z „Wolnosci” 13:57
08. 360 do tylu 13:57
09. Motyw popoludniowy 3:33
10. Zwiastun dobrej nocy 2:59
11. Obciety 3:26

First ever release of previously unknown SBB recordings from January 1975. One hour of energetic rock filled with raw guitars, bass overdrives and pulsating rhythms!

CD 2 'Senny sad'

01. Zerwana struna 3:39
02. Oczy swiata 4:14
03. Johny 4:06
04. Swiatlowód 4:18
05. Swietlik 5:22
06. Senny sad 3:47
07. Ida 11:02
08. Olowica #1 3:36
09. Olowica #2 4:07
10. Olowica #3 5:25
11. Olowica #4 0:38
12. Olowica #5 15:25
13. Olowica #6 0:32
14. Olowica #7 1:04
15. Olowica #8 0:59
16. Olowica #9 0:42
17. Olowica #10 1:33
18. Olowica #11 1:46

Another recording session, from April 1976, miraculously found in the archives. The sound is enriched with Józef's synthesizers, and the first versions of 'Freedom With Us' and 'Wake Up' are hidden in these compositions! Plus a complete soundtrack for the film 'Olowica'. The film was only 13 minutes, but we present the whole session - over 30 minutes of incredible, truly 'cosmic' songs!

CD 3 'Sierpien'

01. Sierpien 15:35
02. Atoa 18:50
03. Dwie pogody - cz. I 20:27
04. Zandra 9:02
05. FOS 15:59

In Sumer 1975 the band was staying in Gdansk, where they spent half their time playing at Zak, and the other half - in Polish Radio Gdansk studios. After many years, the recordings have been found and are published for the first time on this CD. The release contains songs performed with Andrzej Przybielski and Helmut Nadolski! 80 minutes of free-rock frenzy!

CD 4 'Geira'

01. Jestes spóznionym deszczem 4:02
02. Mysli twoje snic zaczynam 4:34
03. Wzejde polnym makiem 3:45
04. Otwieram list - brazowy wrzesien 3:53
05. W powszednie dni 3:46
06. Snij tylko szczescie 5:00
07. Piesn Geiry 4:05
08. Chce byc dla ciebie 5:29
09. Brzegi lagodne 5:19
Bonus track:
10. Brzegi lagodne (1st version) 5:07

For the first time on a separate CD with the original front cover and a bonus track. Very poetical album by Halina Frackowiak, who sings Julian Matej's lyrics to Józek's compositions, performed by SBB. Plus a completely forgotten first version of 'Brzegi lagodne', from 1975, so different from the widely known one.

CD 5 'Jazz Jamboree 1974 / Opole 1975'

1. Razem z wami 25:19
2. Pamiec w kamien wrasta 32:10

Two unique festival performances! First one is the show played at Jazz Jamboree '74, immediately after returning from West Germany, and the other - legendary concert at Opole Festival, played at 5 in the morning, where SBB presented over 30-minute version of 'Pamiec w kamien wrasta', full of fiery guitar solos and overdriven bass!

CD 6 'Opole 1976'

01. Swiatlowód 4:42
02. W kolysce dloni twych (Ojcu) 11:00
03. Odejscie 25:32
04. Wolanie o brzek szkla (Born to Die) 23:25
05. Swietlik 5:59
06. Z których krwi krew moja 9:18

Night recital of SBB, who was a special guest of Opole Festival in 1976. It's the only recorded SBB concert from 1976! Stunning atmosphere, unique arrangements and first versions of songs, that were later featured on 'Wolanie o brzek szkla'!

CD 7 'Pop Session 1977'

01. Freedom With Us 13:26
02. Wolnosc z nami - theme 4:38
03. Swiatlowód 4:52
04. W kolysce dloni twych (Ojcu)10:18
05. Drums 4:47
06. Wolanie o brzek szkla - final 6:37
07. Coda 5:39
08. I Want Somebody 6:09

Concert from Opera Lesna in Sopot, played without Apostolis. Still, Józek and Keta managed to astonish the audience. It sounds like an orchestra, rather than a duo! We present the complete recording of this breathtaking performance.

CD 8 'Roskilde 1978'

01. Walkin' Around The Stormy Bay 7:34
02. Going Away: 13:56
03. Deszcz kroplisty, deszcz ulewny 9:01
04. Ze slowem biegne do ciebie 20:57
05. Follow My Dream 21:01

Recording of already a cult concert played at famous Roskilde Festival, where SBB took over the stage right after Bob Marley! It was the first time that band from Poland played at such prestigious festival!

CD 9 'Bucholz 1978'

01. Deszcz kroplisty, deszcz ulewny 7:15
02. Drums (Keta) 3:17
03. Preludium slowa 6:43
04. Ze slowem biegne do Ciebie 27:33
05. Follow My Dream 14:11
06. Drums (Apo / Keta) 5:29
07. Wiosenne chimery 4:49
08. Why No Peace 9:22

SBB last concert in 1978. In the most severe winter, a day before Christmas Eve, at the very cosy hall of Jugendzentrum in Bucholz, SBB presented material from 'Follow My Dream' and 'Ze slowem biegne do ciebie', enriched with brilliant improvisations and solos. A perfect example of SBB live marvel!

Józef Skrzek
Apostolis Anthimos
Jerzy Piotrowski
Special guests:
Halina Frackowiak, Helmut Nadolski, Andrzej Przybielski

SBB - 2004 - Odlot Live 2004

Odlot Live 2004

01. Odlot (13:51)
02. W kolysce dloni twych (Ojcu) (14:13)
03. ...Or Whatever Paul Solo (2:42)
04. Rainbow Man (10:43)
05. Bar Wah-Wah (7:29)
06. Momento z banalnym tryptykiem (9:38)
07. W ogrodzie snu (6:53)
08. Piesn stojacego w bramie (4:20)

Jozef Skrzek / vocals, keyboards, bass
Apostolis Anthimos / guitar
Paul Wertico / percussion & drums

Recorded live in Bytom (1-6) and Warsaw (7-8), Poland.

SBB - 2004 - Wicher w polu dmie

Wicher w polu dmie

01. Wicher w polu dmie (19:21)
02. Dwie pogody, cz. II (6:01)
03. Obraz po bitwie (5:27)
04. Erotyk (5:48)
05. W samym środku nocy (9:40)
06. Cięcie (6:06)
07. Z których krwi krew moja (11:42)
08. Figo-Fago (11:53)

- Józef Skrzek / vocals, bass guitar, harmonica, keyboards
- Apostolis Antymos / guitar
- Jerzy Piotrowski / drums

Additional musicians:
- Jan Błędowski / violin (1)
- Andrzej Przybielski / tp (2)
Releases information

This album is a compilation of previously unreleased rare recordings:
1 - Polish Radio, Warsaw, 12.1973
2 - Polish Radio, Gdańsk, 08.1975
3-5 - taken from band's archives (recorded in DDR, 1974)
6 - Polish Radio, Warsaw, 09.1974
7 - Polish Radio, Katowice, 01.1975
8 - KFFP Opole '74, 29.06.1974 (live)

SBB - 2004 - Sikorki


01. Bitwy na obrazach (9:08)
02. Z Tomaszem (21:37)
03. Mój przyjaciel Moog (7:27)
04. Sikorki (6:16)
05. Wyjątek z "Pamięci" (3:50)
06. Tydzień z Szakalem (9:26)
07. Pablo (9:56)
08. Lula (11:41)

- Józef Skrzek / voc, keyb, hca, bg
- Apostolis Antymos / g
- Jerzy Piotrowski / dr

additional musicians:
- Tomasz Stańko / tp (1-3)
- Tomasz Szukalski / sax (4-6)
- Andrzej Przybielski / tp (7)
- Jan Błędowski / viol (8)

This album is a compilation of previously unreleased rare recordings:
1-3 - Polish Radio Warsaw, 06.1974
4-6 - Polish Radio Warsaw, 10.06.1975
7 - Polish Radio Gdańsk, 08.1975
8 - Polish Radio Warszawa, 12.1973

SBB - 2004 - 22.10.1977, Goettingen, Alte Ziegelei Live

22.10.1977, Goettingen, Alte Ziegelei Live

01. Ze słowem biegnę do Ciebie - introdukcja
02. Toczy się koło historii
03. Wolność z nami - temat
04. Światłowód
05. W kołysce dłoni Twych (Pretty Face)
06. Follow My Dream (instr.)
07. Follow Our Music - bass solo
08. Odejście - finał
09. Drums solo
10. Freedom With Us
11. Wołanie o brzęk szkła - finał
12. Coda
13. I Want Somebody (bonus track)

Józef Skrzek / vocals, keyboards, bass, harmonica
Apostolis Antymos / guitar
Jerzy Piotrowski / percussion & drums

SBB - 2003 - Wizje


01. Na pierwszy ogien
02. Z ktorych krwi krew moja
03. Pamiec w kamien wrasta
04. Walkin' Around The Stormy Bay
05. Why No Peace
06. Moja ziemio wysniona
07. Follow My Dream
08. Calkiem spokojne zmeczenie
09. Piesn stojacego w bramie

Are you ready for another SBB release?

This CD has never been availble on its own, only as a bonus to the 475 page book about SBB. The CD was delivered without cover art but I scanned the book covers for you and also made my own art to the CD.

SBB - 2002 - Trio Live Tournee

Trio Live Tournee

01. Przebudzenie (10:44)
02. Hung Under (8:01)
03. Dragon's Eyes (12:50)
04. Odlot (15:01)
05. Trio (11:37)

- Józef Skrzek / synthesizers, guitar bass, vocals, harmonica
- Antymos Apostolis / guitar
- Paul Wertico / drums

I didn't find any review, but as you can see this is "new" SBB, with Paul Wertico on drums. We've already had "Goodbye" and "Nastroje" uploaded here (also with Paul Wertico on drums), so you can probably have some idea about the music...

As I said before, I can't upload the newest discs, so this is the last SBB disc from me, and maybe someone else can fill the gaps here. However, leader of the group, Jozef Skrzek, recorded a few solo albums which are also worth some attention. Again, I don't have them all, most notably I'm missing the highly acclaimed "Ojciec Chrzestny Dominika" (I hope to get it, but I have no confirmation or any time schedule), but I do have some of them, so we still have a few discs left to hear...

SBB - 2002 - Freedom Live Sopot 78

Freedom Live Sopot 78

01. Walkin' Around The Stormy Bay
02. Going Away
 a) Freedom With Us
 b) 3rd Reanimation
 c) Going Away
 d) (Zywiec) Mountain Melody
03. Silver Rain
04. Follow My Dream
 a) Wake Up
 b) In The Cradle Of Your Hands (Song For Father)
 c) Growin'
 d) Follow My Dream

- Józef Skrzek / keyboards, vocals
- Antymos Apostolis / guitar, buzuki, drums, percussion
- Jerzy Piotrowski / drums, percussion

The most well-known Polish band in the Seventies! SBB contains a rich variety of influences, which include symphonic prog with intricate and fully orchestrated arrangements. The acoustic guitar adds a very interesting texture. Beauty of the keyboard parts, romantic sonorities of the piano parts and careful, aerial vocal parts brought this group close to PINK FLOYD, CAMEL or GENESIS. Some of their albums were released in West Germany and Czechoslovakia, and they are now active again. "Follow My Dream" and "Welcome" are probably their two best.

The shorthand expression SBB was at first for Silesian Blues Band however later than for Szukaj - Burz - Buduj (Search - Break - Build up).

SBB (first know as Silesian Blues Band, later as Szukaj, Burz, Buduj – Polish for "Search, Break up, Build") Polish rock band formed in 1971 in Siemianowice by Józef Skrzek, Polish multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. It was one of the most popular super-groups in Poland in the seventies, they also toured Czechoslovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, Denmark and United States.

SBB - 2002 - Nastroje


01. (pol. Muzyka, która jest w nas, jest ponad nami) (1:52)
02. Za nami wieki wojowników (pamięci Silesian Blues Band) (4:08)
03. W ogrodzie snu (6:34)
04. Pieśń stojącego w bramie (4:38)
05. Knowing Where You Belong (4:37)
06. Pisze to życie scenariusze (4:28)
07. ...or Whatever (5:17)
08. Całkiem spokojne zmęczenie (5:41)
09. W oceanie się zanurza Liverpool (2:40)
10. Star of Hope (pamięci Ryśka Riedla) (6:40)
11. Don't Look Back (9:22)

Bonus tracks:
12. Całkiem spokojne zmęczenie (first mix) (8:13)

- Paul Wertico / drums
- Antymos Apostolis / guitars, keyboards, percussions, bass
- Jozef Skrzek / keyboards, vocals, bass, harmonica

 First SBB studio album in two decades. Only two members are original - the drummer is American Paul Wertico.

Too many time is gone from them being leading Eastern European prog band in early 70-s. Even if they played (and even recorded) many concerts in early 00', this album is interesting because it contains new material.

As old SBB fan I have really nostalgic feeling to band music, so it wasn't easy to judge this album. First of all every their early albums fan will easily recognize band's characteristic guitar sound, vocals (even if some songs are sung in English on this album) and most important - atmosphere. And it's a great part of my opinion.

From other hand, album is obviously unfocused, besides of few great songs contains many fillers, many moments are just out of place. It was re-released by EMI, and it obviously means one big reason of such album was just money. It didn't destroy whole impression, but besides of pleasant nostalgic feeling there are mixed impression when you listen it as well.

Few songs from very beginning sounds more as pop-rock nostalgic tunes, then things became better, but again, very eclectic mix of styles, ballades, instrumentals,some out of place long solos, strange vocals look more as collection of out-takes, unreleased materials or rehearsal recordings than real new studio album.

Mostly release for old fans and collectors, it contains a few good songs though. Possibly more important starting from this album's release the band returned to active recordings, and new albums are coming regularly till now. From what I heard of that period the band can hardly repeat their success from 70-s, but they are still attractive for their old fans.