Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Andy Goldner - 1979 - ∞ (Infinity)

Andy Goldner 
 ∞ Infinity

01. Stone Free   
02. Right On   
03. All Those Lives   
04. Winter 75   
05. Club Of Rome   
06. She's Gone   
07. Yolanda   
08. Full Moon

Bass – Lou Marignan
Drums – Klaus Lorey
Keyboards – Tommy Balluff
Vocals, Guitar – Andy Goldner

Recorded at Conny's Studio Köln Wolperath

Andy Göldner (from Stuttgart) like many musicians that started in the 1960's graduated from beat, via rock and jazz experimentation onto Krautrock. His first band was The Five-Fold Shade (1965-1969), after which he played with The Misfits and Seelow before forming the experimental jazz-rock outfit Exmagma. After the abandoned third Exmagma album, Andy went on to form his own band, and work extensively as a session musician.

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  2. thank you for this and all the GREAT music on you blog.Cheers Reve Steich