Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Affinity - 2004 - Origins 1965-67

Origins 1965-67

01. Autumn Leaves (4:49)
02. Django (3:30)
03. My Funny Valentine (3:16)
04. I Got Plenty of Nothing (4:54)
05. Date Dere (6:21)
06. Lover Man (5:23)
07. Blues Etude (1:49)
08. Some Day My Prince Will Come (2:28)
09. Cubano Chant (2:35)
10. Jordu (0:58)
11. My Funny Valentine (5:00)
12. Autumn Leaves (5:31)
13. You Look Good to Me (6:17)
14. The Preacher (5:34)
15. My Funny Valentine (2:13)

- Mo Foster / Drums
- Lynton Naiff / Piano
- Nick Nichols / Double bass

After Baskervilles, drummer Mo Foster joins future Affinity pianist Lynton Naiff. Alongside double-bassist Nick Nicholas, the pair formed the succinctly and so accurately named Jazz Trio.
This trio’s recordings make up this set, a clutch of songs recorded in sundry locations around their university base: a rudimentary studio, the debating chamber, and various noisy bars; spanning over three years.
It’s fairly straightforward stuff; the repertoire is locked into light jazz arrangements of sundry pop and torch classics.
However, one definite treat on board, as the final track, a reprise of “My Funny Valentine,” reunites Nicholas and Foster at a 1980 party, then adds Linda Hoyle’s so distinctive vocals to the brew. It isn’t brilliant, it isn’t especially well-recorded. But it does lend a neat circularity to the collection.



  2. I was at Uni with lynton over 50 yrs ago. (that#s the first time I heard Jordu: Is he still alive. Doees anyonehave a contact email for him?

    Anthony Hilton