Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Aera - 1982 - Akataki


01. Mobile Base (2:41)
02. Fake Jake (3:40)
03. Für Charly (10:05)
04. Wieder Da! (4:22)
05. Akataki (18:40)

- Klaus Kreuseder / Soprano & Alto saxophone
- Achim Gieseler / keyboards
- Peter Kühmstedt / bass, guitar, vocals
- Limbus / percussion
- Toni Danner / drums

finally, they got their act back together with AKATAKI, which saw another change in style, partly a step back to the energy of HAND UND FUSS, though the high-tech setting of Achim Gieseler's computer keyboards against a heavy jazz-fusion base led to unusual and often startling results. Whilst being Aera at their jazziest, it's also their most experimental and shows a band still striving for the ideals set a decade before.
Aera's last album is also one of their best and compares favorably with other excellent early 80s German fusion albums like Embryo's "Zack Gluck" and Kontrast's sole work.

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