Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Phil Yost - 1967 - Bent City

Phil Yost 
Bent City

01. Ellipse For Bluejay   
02. Solace Stone Somewhere   
03. Bent City I   
04. Ethan Dreams Two People   
05. Ever Surprised Blue Eyes   
06. Bent City II   
07. Vision At 1000 Centigrade   
08. Lizard-Watcher's Theme   
09. Wave Your Moonlight Hat For The Snowfall Train   

Saxophone [Soprano], Flute, Guitar, Bass, Maracas, Tambourine – Phil Yost
Tracks recorded between July 1966 and June 1967

Fascinating, over-dubbed free jazz. The "freedom" here is perhaps not to be found in it spontaneity - with each additional layer, Yost's recording process clearly becomes more measured and compositional - but in its freedom of individuality, in its complete artistic control and in its unfettered personal vision.

The dark, reverberating hallways of the twinned title tracks seem to herald post-punk or industrial music. The peak is perhaps "Vision at 1000 Centigrade", a feverish echo-chamber of forlorn voice, wailing sax, clanking guitar and scraping strings, a visceral transmission of terror and dismay from the cerebral recesses of a man awol on LSD.

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