Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Morton Subotnick - 1969 - Touch

Morton Subotnick 

01. Touch (Beginning)   
02. Touch (Conclusion)   

Music By Morton Subotnick
Created on the Buchla Electronic Music System.

Touch is an incredible piece of music, a brilliant construction of sounds from the Buchla Modular synth and a must listen for anyone even remotely interested in "electronic music". The palate of sounds are both electronic and organic sounding and are more mature than those on Wild Bull and Silver Apples, both ground-breaking albums in their own right.
Touch is the precursor of music to come from Mr. Subotnic. Four Butterfiles, Sidewinder, Until Spring (all sadly never release on CD) are all great works of electronica. Nobody does Subotnic better than Subotnic; his sense of timing, pace, dynamic, timbre and texture are at the top of the scale.

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