Sunday, November 22, 2015

Miroslav Vitous - 1977 - Miroslav

Miroslav Vitous 

01. Watching The Sunset Run
02. Bassamba
03. Tiger In The Rain
04. Concerto In E Minor
05. Pictures From Moravia
06. Sonata For A Dream

Miroslav Vitous : acoustic bass (arco&pizzicato), piano, electric piano, mini-moog, ARP string ensemble
Don Alias : congas, bongos, drums, percussion (except on 6)
Armen Halburian : percussion (on 6)

This effort by Miroslav is an excellent example of an artist moving in a new direction. It is a link between his early seventies fusion explorations and the ECM type sound he becomes synonomous with in the late seventies and early eighties. This album bridges the gap between those two sounds and, in doing so, has a unique sound of its' own. It seems that Miroslav was starting to find his voice on this album.



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