Sunday, November 22, 2015

Miroslav Vitous - 1970 - Green Line

Miroslav Vitous
Green Line

01. Melvin 8:48
02. Mr. Sheets at Night 7:05
03. Green Line 6:11
04. The Echoes 10:49

Miroslav Vitous: Bass
Sonny Sharrock: Guitar
Steve Marcus: Tenor and Ssoprano Saxophone
Daniel Humair: Drums

Truly stunning LP from four hungry young badasses in 1971.  Miroslav Vitous, Sonny Sharrock, Steve Marcus and Daniel Humair are all heavyweight cats captured in their youthful prime here, not a weak moment to be found. They each just sound so great! Vitous really stands out with a ton of seriously sick bass viol action--what's up with those simultaneous arco and pizzicato parts?!  He's just exploding on the groove in "Melvin", with Sharrock doing a perfect lean funky part, holding back to keep the groove simmering instead of blowing hard over it.  Vitous' solo in "Mr. Sheets at Night" is something else. It's a gorgeous piece with a bristling spirit underlying the ballad surface. This album is a bit overlooked in Sonny Sharrock's discography, probably because it was released as a co-billing for the quartet, alongside the fact it's more of a straightahead jazz album than the legendary freakbombs he'd dropped in the preceding years in cahoots with Queen Linda.  His explosions on side B make for some seriously essential listening for any Sharrock-head. All four cuts are distinctive gems, but "The Echoes" is the one track that is crossing the line for me, with an epic blowout that tastes good down to the last gnarly drop.  This is the real sound of jazz in 1970.



  2. Here's what I wrote on YouTube about it: "Holy f**k, this is great. Funky yet highly jazz-improvisational. How the h**l did I never know about this before??"

  3. I am in awe of how much amazing music you find. I never be able to find anything like this on my own.