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Horn - 1972 - On the People's Side

On the People's Side


01. Things in Themselves: 3:48
    a. Things in Themselves Part One
    b. Intermission
    c. Voice of the Lonely Man
    d. Things in Themselves Part Two
02. Free All My Brothers and Sisters 2:33
03. Roach: 2:25
    a. Roach
    b. A March
04.  Vibrations / Vee-bra'-syohn: 4:29
    a. Vibrations
    b. Johnny Guitar Plays Childrens Music
05. Pony Buns: 9:36
     a. a
     b. 3 Blows
     c. Je pense mieux sous le tapis
     d. Goof the Truth
     e. The Buzz
     f. Musicatto
06. Working Together: 5:52
     a. Song 
     b. Dance
07. On the Peoples Side 5:39

Bass – Alan Duffy
Drums – Bill Bryans
Graphics – Jim McConnell
Guitar – Bruce Burron, Gary Hynes
Keyboards – David deLaunay
Lead Vocals – Les Clackett
Producer – Alan Duffy, Bill Bryans, Horn
Recorded By, Mixed By – Brock Fricker
Trumpet – Wayne Jackson

I just tried to find some information on the internet about this album and found nothing more than what is written on the album.

Coming from Toronto however I was at my favourite bar, favourite at the time, and I happened to meet a real rounder, a man who'd been on the fringe of everything forever. He was a bike courier and was around during the early days of City TV and having said so I asked him if he knew anything about this album. On the back of this album the band thank Moses Znaimer, the man all Torontonians know as the president of City TV ... even though the station was the brainchild of a woman by the name of Phyllis Switzer who NEVER gets mentioned ... and I was wondering what the connection was. Moses had been a talking head on TV and had alot of charm and presence and Phyllis made him president of City TV and herself vice.

This old rounder told me a strange tail about the late sixties and radical Trotskyists who were publishing a rag just down the street from City TV's new headquarters inside the old Electric Circus nightclub at 99 Queen St. East and one of the main Trotskyists was a man who went by the name Horn. They held most of their benefit parties inside the old nightclub and my new drinkin' buddy seems to remember that they also had a band. He went on to explain the Trotskyist roots of City TV but it all gets a bit blurry in my head, that and BOY ... could this guy name drop!
(Just as a side I thought I'd mention that City TV went bankrupt in it's first three years and was bought by the richest family in Canada, the Bromfmen family, the same family British trip-hop star M.I.A. is now a part of. In 1978 City TV was then bought by CHUM and is now partially owned by CTV, the mouthpiece for the Conservative Party, and Ted Rogers Jr. whom I went to school with. CTV allowed MTV to gobble up MuchMusic ... and it now SUCKS SO BAD!)

As there is no one in the band named Horn, nor is any one by the name of Horn quoted or mentioned, Horn might have been a nickname for one of the musicians appearing here ... or not.

The album "On the People's Side" certainly has leftist roots and 1972 is the year City TV went on the air.

Musically it's a glorious wash of jazzy groves sunk in a progressive plum sauce with lyrics about the peoples movement. Wonderfully tight production with little effects. Some seem to think this sounds like The Mother's of Invention but there was so much happening in music in the early 70's that I'm sure you could say they sound like other bands as well. To me, they sound like Horn.
Bill Bryans (drums), Wayne Jackson (trumpet)

The name HORN comes from the recording studio where the album was recorded - Rochdale College's SoundHORN studio. The band was originally called Theodore's Smokeshop...and were told to find something a little more drummer Billy Bryans (yes, he of future Parachute Club fame) chose the second part of the studio's name, HORN. Moses Znaimer's connection was that he owned the label they were signed to - Special Records.

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