Monday, November 30, 2015

Granmax - 1978 - Kiss Heaven Goodbye

Kiss Heaven Goodbye

01. Mistress of Eternity 4:21
02. Dream Woman 2:51
03. Daughter of Hell 4:41
04. It's Worth the Wait 3:05
05. Prince of the Southern Ice 4:31
06. This Life's for Me 4:52
07. Respected Man 3:30
08. Travels of Tim 3:31

Nick Christopher (lead vocals, percussion)
Louis McCorkle (drums, percussion)
Steve Myers (guitar, vocals)
Tim McCorkle (bass, vocals)

I don’t usually write much about straight ahead hard rock albums, but this one struck me as better than most (unlike their debut “Ninth Alive”, which is far more tepid). For 1978 this rocks hard and has some riffing that you may have only found on a Judas Priest album (“Stained Class”) at this early date. Pretty much non stop heavy rock, and no pub and boogie rockers to drag it down as is typical for albums such as this.

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