Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Frank Van Der Kloot - 1976 - Fontessa

Frank Van Der Kloot 

01. Old Friends    
02. In The Cool Of The Night I    
03. In The Cool Of The Night II    
04. Take It Easy    
05. Finale    
06. Dedicated To......    
07. Stress    
08. Heaven Is Across The Street I    
09. Heaven Is Across The Street II    
10. Heaven Is Across The Street III    

Frank Van Der Kloot — electric & acoustic guitar
Paul Heppener — bass
Otto Cooymans — Fender piano, organ, synthesizer
James Batton — vocals, synthesizer, Fender piano
Paul Van Wageningen — drums

And in this second 1976 outing, the progressiveness is quite to the fore, mostly instrumentals which remind us of Finch and Focus, sometimes the one, sometimes the other, in almost alternating tracks recalling one or other of the F'ey influences here, occasionally smooth, by turns harder edged, all of it on a slick and gorgeous guitar (a Les Paul?) evocatively flying the melodies, almost anthropomorphic in the bent notes and tender slides and bluesy flats that sing so closely to us, so directly into our hearts.  Perhaps many will agree with me, the greatest invention in patented musical apparati in the history of man / woman (do they agree though?) is the electric guitar, with coming a close second or tie the electric piano, in particular, the Rhodes sound. 

A very enjoyable album you will see, not too complex at all to tax the frontal lobes, but of course our tired lives cannot withstand too much of the atonal difficulties, we yearn for something more approachable after a day's listening to Zig Zag or somesuch similar and dealing with idiots in accounts receivable or collections agencies...

I particularly adore the 'long track' chopped in subsections called "Heaven is across the street."  Surely this deserves to be transformed fully into a work of poetry, as it aspires to be.

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