Sunday, November 29, 2015

Eden - 1981 - Heimkehr


01. Intro (2:00)
02. Die Klagelieder Des Jeremia (10:00)
03. Psalm 137 (5:10)
04. Psalm 126 (5:45)
05. Heimkehr (10:11)
06. Herr Ich Bin Nicht Wurdig (5:45)
07. Neues Land Im Licht (7:00)

- Irene Heidenrich / vocals
- Annette Schmalenbach / vocals
- Anne Dierks / vocals
- Thomas Flemming / vocals
- Markus Egger / vocals
- Dirk Schmalenbach / keyboards
- Micheal Dierks / keyboards
- Hans Fritzsch / guitars
- Michael Claren / bass, vocals, guitar
- Hans Müller / drums
- Michael Wirth / percussion
- Mario Schnaub / flute

This is the third and last album by the German Christian proggers. The three albums are all very similar. The music, playing and singing, is of a consistently high quality, firmly in the Romantic school of neo- Floydian German groups, like Novalis, later Eloy and Stern Meissen Combo. This means lots of string-synths, acoustic guitars and pretty melodies. Vocals are often choral and there is a fair amount of classy electric guitar soloing of the Gilmour school. This album is pretty laid back, with very few up-tempo passages. Eden also featured a violinist, which adds a pleasantly pastoral extra dimension. It's very pleasant music, and no doubt inspiring lyrically if you are Christian (which I am not) and German (also not). However, if you are a lover of late 70s European symphonic and enjoy lots of synth, this might be worth tracking down.



  2. I like this band very much. Thank you!