Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Foot in Coldwater - 1974 - All Around Us

A Foot in Coldwater 
All Around Us

01. I Know What You Need   
02. All Around Us   
03. (Make Me Do) Anything You Want   
04. It's Only Love   
05. Love Is Coming   
06. How Much Can You Take   
07. He's Always There   
08. Yalla Yae   
09. (Isn't Love Unkind) In My Life   
10. Para-Dice

Alex Machin - Vocals
Paul Naumann - Guitars, Vocals
Bob Horne - Keyboards
Hugh Leggat - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Danny Taylor - Drums

Following the record's dismal showing and dwindling concert draws, the band found themselves without a deal in '74 but continued on. In 1975 they were picked up by Anthem, label for such heavy hitters as Rush and Max Webster, which prompted the release of the single "Midnight Lady".

After their deal with Island outside of Canada, Daffodil signed the group to Jac Holzman at Elektra/Asylum in the US and this album was the result of that deal. Produced primarily by Queen's English producer John Anthony, the album included re-recorded versions of the best songs from their first two Canadian albums and added some newly written material by the group. It was a critical sussess but shortly after it's release Jac departed from Elektra, David Geffen took over and the group was let go.

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