Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Surgery - 1980 - Übermorgen


01. Intro (4:47)
02. Kernein (3:04)
03. Adios G. F. (6:00)
04. Vurz Im Morgengrauen (6:38)
05. Intro Reprise (0:44)
06. Paulchen Panther (2:51)
07. Pisa (6:16)
08. On My Way To Übermorgen (5:08)
09. Sieben Plus Bossa (8:07)

Bonus-Tracks on 2010 Re-Release:
10. Sir Jerry (5:24)
11. Alter Narr, Was Nun? (4:38)
12. Feeling Good (3:30)
13. Katerfrühstück (4:36)
14. Schmalzer (3:46)
15. Amazonien, Teil 1 (1:40)
16. Heiter Bis Wolkig (2:31)
17. Amazonien, Teil 2 (3:36)
18. Rush Hour In Madrid (3:07)
19. Schmetterling (3:46)

- Alfred Gaudschun / congas, percussion
- Rüdiger Freitag / drums
- Jörg-Peter Podlasly / drums, congas, timpani, percussion
- Udo Custodis / tenor saxophone
- Thomas Miebs / organ, electric piano, acoustic piano, tenor saxophone
- Udo Fuellhaas / bass
- Herbert Klinger / guitar

Germans Surgery evolved out of the ashes of the Torageru band, when their guitarist Gerd Gitza died in a car accident.So a change of name was needed along with a few member changes and Surgery from the city of Marl were born in 1976.The politics of the band included taking part in the local Vest-Rock festival in consecutive years, competing with big local names such as Trilogy, Rousseau, Franz K., eventually winning it in 1979.By the start of the 80's they had expanded the line-up to a 7-piece core with three drummers/percussionists (!), Alfred Gaudschun, Jörg-Peter Podlasly and Rüdiger Freitag, along with keyboardist Thomas Miebs, guitarist Herbert "Herbie" Klinger, bassist Udo Fuellhaas and saxophonist Udo Custodis from Join In.During the same year comes out their only LP ''Übermorgen'' (Yregrus Records), a nice oddity of the Kraut Jazz Fusion scene due to the strong presence of drumming.The sound is a mix of devastating and loose 70's-style German Jazz Rock and airy Latin Fusion, the organ and fiery guitars next to the melodic sax and heavy percussion were blended in a convincing way and the result was an album mixing the dynamics and free spirit of the German Rock scene with thr softer side of Fusion and the tropical gene of Latin roots.Cool interplays, breezy melodies and some stretched solos are the album's guiding forces.After some line-up changes the band's story came to an end in the summer of 82' due to the departure of leader and main composer Herbert Klinger, who was attracted to Free Jazz, deciding to dedicate himself to this music level.Garden of Delights reissue contains no less than 10 bonus tracks from both the pre- and post-''Übermorgen'' periods.

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