Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Musi-O-Tunya - 1976 - Give Love to Your Children

Give Love to Your Children

01. Give Love to Your Children (4:26)
02. Sunkah (2:45)
03. Starving Child (3:51)
04. Ayeye (3:09)
05. Njala (4:05)
06. Katonga (4:50)
07. When I’m Gone (2:23)
08. Bashi Mwana (3:14)
09. My Baby (3:18)
10. Mwana Osauka (3:30)
11. Musi O Tunya (4:10)
12. Thunderman (4:18)

Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar & Kalimba: Derick Mbao
Lead Guitar & Vocals: Rikki Ililonga
Western Drums & Vocals: Alex Kunda
African Drums & Vocals: Siliya Lungu
Soprano Saxophone: Kenny Chernoff
Rhythm Guitar: John Bobby Otieno
Trumpet: Njenga

The legendary Zambian psychedelic rock and afrobeat band’s second album and rare 7” tracks, recorded between 1972 and 1976.
This is LA label Now-Again’s second foray into the Zamrock genre. It follows guitarist/vocalist/ songwriter Rikki Ililonga and Musi-O-Tunya’s Dark Sunrise, a compilation of Musi-O-Tunya’s Pathe East Africa 7? singles, their first album ‘Wings of Africa’ and Ililonga’s first two solo albums.
A heady blend of afrobeat and psychedelic rock, Give Love to Your Children teems with energy and tension. Though the band members were individually affected by drug use and personal adversity, any sadness is tempered by a sense of spontaneity and freedom, and Give Love to Your Children’s explosion of fuzz guitar, chunky…

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