Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kleptomania - 1971 - Elephants Lost

Elephants Lost

101. Intro   
102. Improve   
103. Moonchild   
104. Stop   
105. Eligie   
106. Thema   
107. Gardens   
108. Travel   
109. Intrude   
110. Visit For Above   
111. Divertimentos   

Bonus Tracks:

112. Sign On My Head   
113. From The Beginning   
114. The Band   

201. Short Stories   
202. So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star   
203. Hope   
204. Sunday Morning   
205. Funky   
206. No Way Out Of Here   
207. Grand-Leez   
208. Neuroses
singles a's & b's    209. Kep Woman   
210. Out Of A Nightmare   
211. I've Got My Woman By My Side   
212. Lovely Day   
213. Mean Old Man   
214. Back To The Country   
215. Rock'n Roll   
216. Don't Tell Lies   
217. Time Is Money   
218. Just A Little Minute To Go

Charlie Deraedemaeker (bass)
Wim Hombergen (guitar, vocals)
Roger Wollaert (drums)
Dany Lademacher (guitar, vocals)

Flame Music Publishers: Lademacher Hombergen Raedemaeker Wolaert
In 1979 this record (originally recorded in 1971) was released in Netherlands without the consent of the band in a very small quantity.
This is the original Dutch released private pressing LP on the Flame label. as mentioned in Hans Pokora 2001 (page 36).
Original release plain white cover with loose title strip.
The Music Emporium CD reissue contains their 1971 album + 5 singles from 1969 to 1975 + 11 unreleased tracks from 1972-1973-1974.

One of the better albums from Belgium in the 70's.

Herman Brood became very popular in Holland at the end of the 70's, one part was pumped up media hysteria and one part were his ''live'' shows. He played in every shithole in Holland and  as a result of the   extensive touring he gained chart-succes. Danny Lademacher [guitarist Kleptomania] was part of his band. As a result of the attention in the Dutch media a demo-tape once sent to FLAME Records, was given to a recordshop owner  who in the past had released a 45 under the name of ''Bag'' on  FLAME Records.

He was impressed by the demo and deceided to press a bootleg LP , It went for sale under the counter in his recordshop. He hoped to sell them quickly but it took more than 10 years to sell them.
I ferquently visited his shop in those years because  critics who wrote for music magazines dumped their promo/advandced albums there and he sold them for bargain prices. Just as he got rid of the boots in the early 90's , Internet/Ebay started  and he saw the demand for the album rising. But he had none left ! This album (1972) was only released as a very hard to find bootleg (300 pressings) (1979)
due to a failure of the record company.

Their music can best be described as a sound close to Led Zeppelin , Byrds (Younger Than Yesterday period) and Montrose.  Included are Moonchild , Mean Old Man,Kept Woman, Rock and Roll...and yes...a Byrds cover: So you wanna be a rock and roll star...This very limited edition has the whole album plus 4 singles,b-sides , demos and unreleased tracks too.