Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kapingbdi - 1978 - African Rhythm Rock-Jazz

African Rhythm Rock-Jazz


01. Dadadada 6:08
02. Mali Feeling 6:56
03. Now Is The Time To Cry For Love 6:59
04. Soko Jazz 3:33
05. Montserrado 11:47
06. Deadea 4:41
07. Don't Mess With My Music 5:34

Bass, Drums [Bamboo], Vocals – Mamadee Kamera
Congas, Vocals, Percussion – Ciaffa Barclay
Drums, Drums [Sangba] – Thomas Mensah
Guitar, Cowbell – Jean-Claude Nanga
Saxophone, Flute, Balafon [Ballaphon], Shekere, Vocals – Kojo Samuels

Kapingbdi was formed in 1976 by musician Kojo Samuels in Monrovia, capital of Liberia, a small country in west of the continent. They released 3 albums between 1978-81, all in Germany, until break up in 1985.
Post here the 1978 debut, titled "African Rhythm Rock Jazz From Liberia - West Africa", summarizing the group's sound, which combines local rhythms with jazz rock and funk touches, in a very dynamic and trip atmosphere. This "mix" is clear in instrumental, prevalent in most of the 7 tracks, with various types of percussion, sangba, balafon and shekere and eletric guitar, saxophone, flute and drums. The lyrics appear sporadically in English or local dialects.
No main highlight because we hear a good sample of afro rock / jazz from beginning to end. Highly recommended for fans of the style!

You could wrap a king cobra around these bass lines and still have a pocketful of silver left from a crisp green Andrew Jackson. Innovations may not their bag, west African funk drifting across man made borders from Nigeria and Ghana tempting routes to obey and personally replicate - 'Now Is The Time to Cry for Love' like a extended b-side remix that fisherman's hat wearing stubble faced DJs snort up their asses until their faces go purple, but when knuckle twisting fills swim back upstream to converge on the loose definitions of a main melody, it's like a stick of dynamite on its wick's end rolling down the aisle of a hand grenade factory. Their singer needs more support from his producer, their live studio sound muddled in some post-production extras, but all critiques aside, Kapingbdi's first time shoe shuffles are seriously worth snooping through downstairs vinyl vaults for.



  2. It never ceases to amaze me that I am seemingly the only person on the internet who actually listens closely to stuff... Amazed no one else has noticed in this posting of this fine album, track 1 is actually absent. The track 1 in these files is actually a second copy of the last track (Don't Mess With My Music), but misleadingly titled as though it is track 1 - Dadadada.

  3. no you are not the first one to notice, but all copies floating around internet come from the same rip that was made available by someone with the LP in the early 2000's... and thats how it was posted, and thats all I/we got... if some kind soul has a better copy of it, I urge them to come forward and share the music

  4. Yeah, I noticed after posting that at least one other person had noticed in the past - but everyone kept posting it as though complete anyway! All the same, I don't mean to be rude about it (I have probably failed there!), it's just something that bugs my Asperger's brain and I can't help it. I have a thing for complete albums without missing tracks.

  5. I am the same, so I know exactly what you mean...