Friday, August 21, 2015

Jean-Jacques Perrey - 1962 - Musique Electronique Du Cosmos

Jean-Jacques Perrey 
Musique Electronique Du Cosmos

01. The Alien Planet
02. In First Orbit
03. Music Of The Planets
04. Space Light
05. Intercelestial Tabulator
06. Mars Reflector
07. Aqua Density
08. Caverns In Deep Sea
09. Cybernauts
10. Saturnian Bird
11. Andromeda Calling
12. The Saturn Ambassador
13. Spatial Blues
14. Barnyard In Orbit
15. Chicken On The Rocks

Jean-Jacques Perrey’s extremely rare 1962 library music album Musique Electronique du Cosmos (only 500 copies were pressed)

What starts off as a fairly standard collection of space soundscapes ( if there is such a thing ) gets progressively weirder and weirder with "Saturnian Bird" and "Barnyard In Orbit" in particular raising eyebrows. Being a Jean-Jacques record there is plenty of electronic experimentation underpinning all the quirkiness and the tracks are kept nice and tight with the longest one clocking in at 2 mins 22 secs. While there isn't anything especially groundbreaking on this 1962 release, I'm sure it will please the fans along with anyone who enjoys a bit of space themed music.

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