Friday, August 21, 2015

Dan Mândrilă - 1980 - Alter Ego

Dan Mândrilă 
Alter Ego

01 - La Sezatoare
02 - Valsul Mariei
03 - Contemplatie
04 - Joc De Doi
05 - Jucarii Pentru Linda
06 - Balada
07 - Sonet
08 - Poveste Veche

Dan Mindrila: Sax
Radu Goldis: Guitar
Nicolae Farcas: Trombone
Ion Baciu Jr.: Keyboards
Idu Barbu: Synthesizer, Strings
Dan Dimitriu: Bass
Marian Toroimac: Drums
Costin Petrescu: Percusion
Bogdan Dimitriu: Piano

Dan Mândrilă  (b. 1938 , Chisinau - died December 31 1992 ) was a saxophonist , clarinetist , band leader and composer Romanian of jazz and pop music . It is considered one of the best Romanian saxophonist of all time.

Graduated from the Conservatory "Porumbescu" of Bucharest, Mândrila joined Electrecord Orchestra in 1963. With this orchestra toured the GDR, FRG, Finland, Sweden, Poland etc.. He participated in festivals in Ploiesti, Sibiu, Prague, San Sebastian, etc.. In 1970 he was elected member of the East European All Stars Big Band.

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    I just like this album a lot, I got it from my mother when I was 14... so I have a special place for it...