Friday, July 3, 2015

Daniel Denis - 1991 - Sirius And The Ghosts

Daniel Denis 
Sirius And The Ghosts

01. Beyond The Mountains – 10:04
02. A L’Ombre Du Zed – 8:07
03. Eastwave – 5:38
04. Sirius – 6:56
05. Strange Twist – 7:41
06. Fete Souterraine – 7:15

- Daniel Denis /drums, percussion, keyboards
- Frederic de Roos / recorders
- Dirk Descheemaeker / soprano saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
- Michel Hatzigeorgiou / bass
- Jan Kuijken / acoustic and electric cellos
- Michel Hatzigeorgiou / bass
- Frederic DeRoos / recorders

Daniel Denis’ solo albums provide a kind of continuity after the break up of Univers Zero in 1986. “Sirius and the Ghosts” picks up where “Heatwave” left off, and sees Denis further exploring the possibilities of electric keyboards. The compositional style is very much in keeping with “Uzed” and “Heatwave”, featuring just six comparatively long tracks with the trademark time changes and doom laden atmosphere.

The strongest pieces on the album are those which come closest to being a full band performance – “Beyond the Mountains” and “A L’Ombre Du Zed” are extremely strong, with the brilliant reeds player Dirk Descheemaeker adding some real colour and the low end of the sonic palette being complemented by cellist Jan Kuijken and bassist Michel Hatzigeorgiou.

For Univers Zero fans there is plenty to enjoy on this album. It’s a solid, well crafted piece of work that is unmistakably in the same style. Denis’ drumming is as powerful as ever, and he acquits himself respectably on keyboards.

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