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Joel Vandroogenbroeck - 2015 - The Coloursound Box (1978-1988)

Brainticket’s Joel Vandroogenbroeck
The Coloursound Box (1978-1988)

Images of Flutes in Nature

01. Great Valley
02. Magic Adventure
03. Plaine du Jura
04. Forest Spirit
05. Hobbits
06. Minor
07. Magnetic Blues
08. Electronic Jungle


01. Dark Plasma
02. Elements
03. Sign From Space
04. Strange Lady
05. Plastic Gnome
06. Voices
07. Metallic Agony
08. Lost Planet
09. Asteroids
10. Interstellar Insects
11. Galaxy Recall

Contemporary Pastoral & Ethnic Sounds

01. Cascades
02. Fairy Tale
03. Veridian Song
04. Goatherd
05. Strange Morning
06. Spanish Dialogue
07. Baja Song
08. M’ridamgam Song
09. Raven’s Dance10. Castles In Winter11. Pastorale
12. Rocks
13. Mysterious Bali

Meditations Vol 1

01. Group Meditation
02. Summer Clouds
03. Sand And Wind
04. Various Reflections
05. A Mantra

Meditations Vol 2

01. Contemplation
02. Gongs
03. Meditative Contemplation
04. Meditation

Birth Of Earth

01. Birth Of Earth
02. Trilobites
03. Dinosaurs
04. Desert
05. Volcanic Activity
06. Mutation
07. Forests
08. Homo Africanus
09. Homo Erectus
10. Cro-Magnon
11. Marine Fauna
12. Glaciations
13. Reptiles

Lost Continents

01. Lemuria
02. Totem
03. Bowed String
04. Lemurian Scale
05. Lemurian Harmonics
06. Gondwana
07. Mu Ensemble
08. Migrations Mu
09. Waihu
10. Mural Picture
11. Atlantis
12. Lyra
13. Lost Continent
14. Solo Lyra
15. Energetics

Open Air Impressions

01. Prelude A L’aube
02. Mediterranean Wedding
03. Springtime
04. Early Summer
05. Romantic Garden
06. Crazy Flute
07. Scherzo Rustico
08. Vie Campagnarde
09. Sound Colours
10. Carol’s Manor
11. Paysage De Neige
12. Mysterious Tension
13. Oriental Birds

Computer Blossoms

01. Data
02. Digital Song
03. Dancing Electrons
04. Computer Groove
05. Rock Cycle
06. Lunapark
07. Random
08. Informatique
09. Romantic Programme
10. High Computer Tension
11. Cycle
12. Error Source
13. Computer Graphic
14. Computer Duet

Industrial Retrospect

01. Steelworker
02. Ghost Town
03. Oil Tankers
04. Steam Valves
05. Demolition
06. Industrial Dream
07. Machine Sanctuary
08. Kinetic Sculptures
09. Allegro Mechanico
10. Troop Transport
11. Assembly Room
12. On The Way To Ruin
13. Chain Production
14. Industrial Retrospect

Mesopotamia Egypt

01. Song Of Ur
02. The Great Ball
03. Pan-Tur
04. Sumirian Ritual
05. Biblical Band
06. Elamite Court
07. Clay Relief
08. Babylonian Cortege
09. The Pyramids
10. Cult Of Isis
11. Papyrus Of Ani
12. Nilotic Sounds
13. Hymn To Osiris
14. In Praise Of Ra
15. Harvesters
16. Valley Of The Kings

 Joel However

01. Scoop The Pool
02. Samba Para Norma
03. Timeless
04. However
05. Jetty Betty
06. Because Of Love
07. News Blues
08. Saturn
09. No Turn
10. Queen Of Acapulco
11. Easy To Love
12. High Sky

Middle Ages

01. Procession
02. Medieval Underlay
03. Danse des Sortileges
04. Sleeping Princess
05. La Marche au Château
06. English Almand
07. Ezechiel’s Vision
08. The Court Jester – 1
09. The Court Jester – 2
10. Icon
11. Tour Enchantée
12. Medieval Joy

Southeast Asia

01. Bulan Indonesia
02. Jalan-Jalan
03. Matahari Terbenam
04. Wayang
05. Wono Sari
06. Malay Archipelago
07. Borneo Mood
08. Sunrise Over Singapore
09. Mandarin Road
10. Han Dynasty
11. Peking Opera
12. Taiwan Tan
13. Evening Meditation
14. Cambodia Mood 1
15. Cambodia Mood 2

Digital Project

01. Chipland Liquids
02. Digital Meneut
03. Banjomatic
04. New Wave Rock
05. Kinderspiel
06. Wall Street Stress
07. Genetic Manipulation
08. Cosmic Wings
09. Drum Program
10. Silicon Siren
11. Rock Program
12. Logic Paths
13. Liquid Quartz
14. Artificial Intelligence
15. Robot Tiger

Video Games & Data Movements

01. Video Funk
02. Pin-Balls
03. Martian Invaders
04. Mouse Runner
05. Flipper
06. Vampire Chaser
07. Flip Box
08. Spiel Salon
09. Video Games
10. Robot Voices
11. Computer Room
12. Japanese Technology
13. Data Movements
14. Software Jungle
15. Future World
16. Informatic Terminal
17. Ad-da

California – Industrial & Scenic Moods

01. Updating
02. El Camino Real
03. San Diego Industry
04. Spaceline
05. Science Mystery
06. Machine Whistle
07. Santa Cruz
08. The Bay Force
09. Night Plant
10. San Francisco Lights
11. Golden Gate Romance
12. Road 101
13. Dawn In Chinatown
14. Underwater Research

Brainticket Remix 88

01. Possessed House (Adapted Vox from Original 80Track)
02. Neandra’s Def Version
03. Black Sand (Radio Version)
04. Black Sand (Drug Dub Version)
05. Brainticket (Anabolic Stereo Version)
06. End Title (Haluzo Thrill Version)

Bass – Dave King (tracks: 12-1 to 12-12)
Drums – Todd Canedy (tracks: 12-1 to 12-12)
Flute – Crawford Young (tracks: 13-1 to 13-12)
Guitar – Charles Hornemann* (tracks: 12-1 to 12-12)
Harp – Imme Atwood (tracks: 8-1 to 8-13)
Percussion – Elmar Louis (tracks: 12-1 to 12-12)
Performer – Carole Muriel (tracks: 1-1 to 1-8), Jöel Vandroogenbroeck*
Rebec, Fiddle, Lyre – Jason Paras (tracks: 13-1 to 13-12)
Rebec, Flute – Liane Ehlich (tracks: 13-1 to 13-12)
Remix – Carlos Perón* (tracks: 18-1 to 18-6)
Written-By – J. Vandroogenbroeck* (tracks: 1-1 to 11-16, 12-2, 13-1 to 17-14, 18-2 to 18-5)
Numbered edition of 500 copies

At long last, the first ever CD release of Brainticket founder Joel Vandroogenbroeck s much sought after Coloursound recordings presented in a limited edition 18CD box set!

These rare recordings were released anonymously on the German-based Coloursound label which specialized in ambient soundscapes for use in film and television, and have gone largely unheard except by those who know them to be some of the most progressive masterpieces Joel VDB ever committed to tape!

Meticulously recreated artwork plus personal reflections on each album by Joel himself as well as additional liner notes by music historian Dave Thompson!

Founder of legendary 70s electro pioneers Brainticket, Joel Vandroogenbroeck produced a series of recordings throughout the 1980s for the Coloursound Library, a German-based label who specialized in ambient soundscapes for use in film and television. Released anonymously, these eclectic recordings have gone largely unheard except by those who know them to be some of the most progressive masterpieces Joel VDB ever committed to tape. Now for the first time ever, these recordings along with a few additional rare treasures are collected here in one magnificent 18CD box!

At long last, the first ever CD release of Brainticket founder Joel Vandroogenbroeck’s much sought after Coloursound recordings presented in a limited edition, sequentially numbered 18CD box set! These rare recordings were released anonymously throughout the ‘70s and early ‘80s on the German-based Coloursound label, which specialized in ambient soundscapes for use in film and television, and have gone largely unheard except by those who know them to be some of the most progressive, awe-inspiring masterpieces Joel VDB ever committed to tape! The Coloursound Box also features meticulously recreated artwork from the original Coloursound LPs plus personal reflections on each album by Joel himself alongside additional liner notes by music historian Dave Thompson! The entire package is available now courtesy of Purple Pyramid Records.

Belgian-born Joel Vandroogenbroeck was playing jazz in Switzerland when he found inspiration in the new sounds emanating from German krautrock artists Amon Duul II, Can, and Tangerine Dream. Under the influence of these groups, Joel and guitarist Ron Byer recruited drummer Wolfgang Paap and formed the trio that would become Brainticket. The group’s 1971 debut album Cottonwoodhill immediately ran into a storm of controversy for its association with psychedelic drugs. The album came with a warning label that insisted you should "only listen once a day to this record. Your brain might be destroyed,” which led to the album being banned in several countries including the USA.

From then on, Brainticket’s reputation as a band of experimentalists at the forefront of underground, avant-garde music had been solidified. Following the death of Bryer, Brainticket regrouped for 1972’s Psychonaut followed by Celestial Ocean, which told the after-life experience of Egyptian kings traveling through space and time. Released in 1973, the album was hailed as the definitive Brainticket experience and earned the band their greatest acclaim. And Joel has continued to explore new creative avenues over the decades, releasing more albums under the Brainticket moniker, including his most recent offering Past, Present & Future, which was released in February of this year by Purple Pyramids. The Coloursound Box is sure to please fans of Bratinticket as well as fans of adventurous, avante-garde music!



  2. Terrific mega-post, many thanks!

  3. Wow - ***great music*** - terrible record covers. That guy needs a designer.

    1. True for most of 'em, but I think the covers for Images... and Biomechanoid are fine!

    2. thru DRUM CIRCUS I guess

  4. Holy frijoles! Didn't even know this existed!

  5. Not quite the first cd release - depends how you look at it! For years Joel has sold these on cd-r at a fair price, on request. I bought a bunch of them from him maybe 5 or 6 years ago. Anyway, great to see them get the proper treatment! Back then, even Joel didn't have his own copy of Images of Flutes in Nature.

    1. First proper CD release... I have two of those cdr releases and they look like something my 10 year old nephew could concoct in his bedroom... lol

    2. It surprises me that people seem to think these remasters are master tape transfers. As someone who listens very closely to sound quality and has spent untold hours cleaning up vinyl rips and dealing with various weird quality rips found online, I am certain that these (at least the ones I've heard) are vinyl transfers with noise reduction used to take away vinyl surface noise and 'gloss over' pops and crackles rather than carefully remove them, as is the case with all those Creel Pone pirate reissues. Anyway, in my observations hardly anyone seems to listen to music really closely anymore, they're probably in the next room doing something when they play a cd and therefore don't hear the finer details of sound quality. Frequently when I buy a new cd reissue and discover some fairly obvious flaws (and ones that I could have fixed on something like Cool Pro in little time if I were putting out the cd, but these labels seem to not be bothered to spend the time on), looking on-line for comments and contacting the label to complain, I have always found that I am apparently the only person in the world to have noticed and given a shit ;-)
      Please note, Drago, I am NOT at all having a go at you, but at the people who reissue stuff without the proper care and attention. Even Gil Matthews of Aztec Records, who is generally renowned for producing great-sounding remasters - sometimes from vinyl sources due to lack of surviving master tapes - occasionally misses a loud vinyl pop, or in the case of their reissue of the first Ticket album, manages to fuck it up altogether but seemingly didn't notice (and yes, I complained about that one bitterly to Aztec, with whom I had previously had a good relationship - they seemed to not care and to be pissed off that someone wasn't happy with it, rather than acknowledge that they had screwed it up). Certainly, playing with Billy Thorpe a lot, Gil has probably lost part of his hearing, but that is no excuse to put out flawed remasters except if the only surviving copies are in terrible condition to begin with. (In the case of Ticket, the previously available bootleg cd actually sounded way cleaner, if not as punchy as the Aztec remaster - they could have just taken the bootleg and given it a good EQ boost and it would have sounded infinitely better than what they ended up putting out.)
      Whew! Thanks for reading that lengthy rant. Now back to life...

    3. Who cares... they must think... buncha old farts music...if thewy dont like it they will get a heart attack...

  6. Many thanks for this Drago! While I really appreciate all those early 192 rips of the JV's Coloursound albums, which surfaced on a number of library music blogs a few years ago now - it is great (in the wake of the earlier Biomechanoid reissue) to finally hear the albums in such high quality (I can't tell the difference between the vinyl and master tapes transfers to be honest) and to hear the albums that I have never managed to find before like Joel However and Southeast Asia.

    I really hope their is also a CD reissue of the three Coloursound albums he did under the Eric Vann nom de plume, as personally, I think Space Face, Water World And Bass Moods are amongst his most interesting library releases.

    PS> Regarding the album artwork (Biomechanoid aside for obvious reasons), I think it was actually compulsory in the library music world of the late seventies and eighties to have almost 'outsider art' covers - if you think these are bad, check out some of the English library label Bruton's covers during the same time frame!

  7. Hallo! Thank You for this very interesting post; I knew just half of these albums, and in old, low quality cassette recordings... I couldn't download the 18° file, the remixes by C. Peron, is this file missing or what?? Anyway, thank you for your sharing

  8. Thank you giving me a chance to hear this incredible music! John

  9. Hello,
    Thank you very much for all these albums.
    Is it possible that some are corrupted ? As example I can't extract file 2381.

  10. According to FF link checker thet are all working

    the "guy" here joel is big time tripping : we have some serious gems here uin electronics!
    Sorry to miss the eponimous 1988 Avision among this clean bunch !
    one thing slightly audio lower res for "california industries " but ok !

    ALL HAIL !

  12. Thank you so much for this beatiful post :-)

  13. hi V.D.B. Joel* / M Monsen* ‎– California - Industrial & Scenic Moods IS OFF !!

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    VIV AVIVA AVisions !

    somona got it to download?

    Arthur from Albania

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  20. One of the most impressive and unexpected collection of works. Each one of these albums deserves high attention and deep immersion in it. Thanks a lot for sharing!