Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Popol Ace - 1975 - Stolen From Time

Popol Ace 
Stolen From Time

01. Bury Me Dead (5:57)
02. Today Another Day (5:39)
03. Jester (3:58)
04. Soft Shoe Dancer (4:42)
05. Mr. Bigalow (4:13)
06. Sweet Tune (5:02)
07. Sleepwalker (5:24)
08. I Can See Tears (6:01)
09. Suicide (8:20)

- Arne Schulze / guitar
- Pete Knutsen / guitar, keyboards
- Thor Andreassen / drums
- Terje Methi / bass
- Jahn Teigen / vocals

Guest musicians:
- Sylvette Allart / ondes Martenot (4, 6 and 7)
- Richard Raux / soprano sax (3)
- Inger Lise Rypdal / backing vocals (7)

Not 100% Prog "Stolen From Time" is a good album in Classic Rock field. But also in Prog Rock field "Stolen From Time" not cut a poor figure. The style is a bluesy Rock with symphonic arrangements. But the final result is a good Rock. Piano and keyboards are the dominant instruments with good insertion of guitars and good vocals. The drums is mixed too high and for this motive this album sound so much Rock.
In general the songs are good also today but "Mr. Bigalow", the more famous song of this album because a good radio hit also today (and that I have listen to radio various times), is a strange southern rock/ AOR. For the rest good POP as Fruupp or Beggars Opera with less Prog tendencies and more POP bluesy treatment.

So, if Classic Rock please you, I think that this album is an interesting album for your discography. But also for true Prog discography this is a good album.

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