Friday, June 26, 2015

Pete Dello and Friends - 1971 - Into Your Ears

Pete Dello and Friends
Into Your Ears

01. It's What You've Got
02. There's Nothing That I Can Do For You
03. I'm A Gambler
04. Harry The Earwig
05. Do I Still Figure In Your Life
06. Uptight Basil
07. Taking The Heart Out of Love
08. On A Time Said Sylvie
09. A Good Song
10. It's The Way
11. Go Away
12. Arise Sir Henry


13. Madame Chairman of The Committee (1972)
14. Here Me Only (1972)
15. I Can't Let Maggie Go (Honeybus) (1968)
16. Tender Are The Ashes (Honeybus) (1968)
17. Taking The Heart Out of Love (Magic Valley) (1969)
18. Uptight Basil (Magic Valley) (1969)

15 & 16 taken from Deram mono single DM 182

All compositions by Pete Dello, Uptight Basil co-penned with Ray Cane.
All arrangd by Pete Dello except 2, 6, 9 and 11 which were arraned by Ray Cane.
Produced by Pete Dello.

If you've ever been delighted by the music of McCartney or The Beatles; ELO or Renaissance; or with the songs of Ray Davies or Kevin Ayres - or even if you just remember "I Can't Let Maggie Go" and were impressed by its classy originality, then this album is most definitely for you!

After tasting success in 1968 with the single "I Can't Let Maggie Go," Honeybus founder Pete Dello left the band to pursue a more settled lifestyle. His distaste for the rigors of touring left him with a surplus of un-recorded material that would eventually steer him back into the studio to record his first and only solo record. Into Your Ears features 14 songs, each under three-and-a-half minutes long, that prosper through a winning combination of goofy psychedelia and Beatlesque beauty. The sweet melodies and gentle harmonies of "It's What You've Got" and "Taking The Heart Out Of Love" are timeless, devoid of irony, and begging for placement in a Wes Anderson film. "Do I Still Figure In Your Life," which has since been covered by the likes of Joe Cocker, conveys the same irresistible form of melancholy that permeates a great Randy Newman or Harry Nilsson recording, and more than makes up for the wince-inducing "Uptight Basil" and "Harry The Earwig (the latter inspired the horrific Roger Dean cover art). Dello's voice is sweet and clear, with only a tinge of the British folk throatiness that ruled the era. The songs, while never complex, benefit from strategically placed string arrangements that rarely disappoint, and crisp production as exemplified on the set closer "Arise Sir Henry." Also included are the Magic Valley versions of "Taking The Heart Out Of Love" and "Uptight Basil," which differ only in sound quality (poorer) from the album renditions, and provide collector's with the definitive edition of this highly sought after masterpiece



  2. Thanks for posting this CD...this is the only one with 18 tracks on it and I love it. The vinyl version of this album is reviewed in the magazine Ugly Things issue #45.