Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Darryl Way's Wolf - 1974 - Canis Lupis

Darryl Way's Wolf 
Canis Lupis

01. The Void (4:35)
02. Isolation Waltz (4:37)
03. Go Down (4:45)
04. Wolf (4:06)
05. Cadenza (4:48)
06. Chanson Sans Paroles (6:28)
07. McDonald’s Lament (7:10)

 - Darryl Way / violin, viola, keyboards
- Dek Messecar / bass, vocals
- John Etheridge / guitar
- Ian Mosley / drums
- Ian McDonald / piano, percussion (track 6)

Violinist Darryl Way left Curved Air earlier in 1973 to form Wolf and assembled a remarkable collection of talent: a young John Etheridge (of later Soft Machine) had his professional start here on guitar, while Ian Mosley (of later Trace and Marillion) had previously drummed for Walrus. Dek Messecar (of later Caravan) joined on bass and vocals, and King Crimson’s Ian McDonald produced the ensuing debut album.

The first side contains vocal numbers : “The Void” clicks along and “Isolation Waltz” gets down right heavy; there’s a slightly psychedelic and spooky feel they’re aiming at and ultimately achieve.

The second side is instrumental : “Cadenza” is a regular hoot, highlighting Way’s acoustic violin and some nice clean guitar lines from Etheridge, while “Chanson San Paroles” features Way’s considerable keyboard skills.

Wolf carries on Darryl Way’s brand of progressive rock, predictably mixing classical elements with heavy rock.


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