Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Darryl Way's Wolf - 1973 - Saturation Point

Darryl Way's Wolf
Saturation Point

01. The Ache (4:52)
02. Two Sisters (4:21)
03. Slow Rag (5:19)
04. Market Overture (3:40)
05. Game of X (5:49)
06. Saturation Point (6:47)
07. Toy Symphony (7:12)

- Darryl Way / violin, viola, keyboards
- John Etheridge / guitars
- Dek Messecar / bass, vocals
- Ian Mosley / drums

When a progressive rock band has violin and guitars in his music, usually they are not played at the same time. In fact, they are simultaneously played here, and this really contributes to give Wolf a very personal trademark.

Their second album is full of impressive violin, electric + acoustic guitars and dynamic & punchy bass! Drums are very well played and quite complex. Everything is very well synchronized, like Gentle Giant. The tracks are mainly instrumental and the keyboards are surprisingly rare, simple and discreet: they mostly consist of electric piano.

This record is heavier, more symphonic and straightforward than their first album, “Canis Lupus”: there are some very seriously loaded parts, very progressive and the violin is more omnipresent.

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