Monday, June 29, 2015

Curved Air - 1970 - Air Conditioning

Curved Air 
Air Conditioning

01. It Happened Today (4:55)
02. Stretch (4:05)
03. Screw (4:03)
04. Blind Man (3:32)
05. Vivaldi (7:26)
06. Hide and Seek (6:15)
07. Propositions (3:04)
08. Rob One (3:22)
09. Situations (6:17)
10. Vivaldi with Cannons (1:35)
- Sonja Kristina / lead vocal
- Darryl Way / electric violin, vocal
- Francis Monkman / lead guitar, organ, piano, Mellotron, electric Harpsicord, special effects equipement and VCS3 synthesizer
- Robert Martin / bass guitar
- Florian Pilkington-Miksa / drums

Fronted by the excellent female-vocals of Sonja Kristina and the classical influenced violin playing by Darryl Way, Curved Air sounded like no other progressive band. This was their debut-album and it’s also a historical album because it was history’s first LP-sized picture disc! Musically it was also a successful debut stuffed with good material and the classic Curved Air sound. Even their bastardization of Vivaldi makes some quite entertaining listening. The opening track “It Happened Today” shows many sides of Curved Air’s music. A rocking and catchy vocal-part that gets relieved by a beautiful and atmospheric violin part. The instrumental “Rob One” is another fine example of Way’s excellent and emotional playing. Other great tracks include the sinister “Screw”, the light and nice acoustic piece “Blind Man”, the dark “Situations” and “Hide and Seek”. You also get a non-progressive but excellent rock track in “Stretch”. Overall a very good debut-album, but even better things was still to come!



  2. Great album