Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Terje Rypdal - 1976 - After the Rain

Terje Rypdal 
After the Rain

01. Autumn Breeze (4:36)
02. Air (4:28)
03. Now & Then (2:53)
04. Wind (1:25)
05. After The Rain (6:08)
06. Kjare Maren (4:11)
07. Little Bell (1:38)
08. Vintage Year - (3:49)
09. Multer (2:55)
10. Like A Child Like A Song (6:01)

- Terje Rypdal / electric and acoustic guitars, string ensemble piano, electric piano, Soprano saxophone, flute, tubular bells, bells
- Inger Lise Rypdal / voice

AFTER THE RAIN is short, but it's Terje Rypdal's most perfect album.

A collection of achingly beautiful melodies, played on Terje's distinctive, nocturnal-sounding guitar, and accompanied only by minimal piano, gentle synthesizer washes, minimal percussion, and occasional human voice.

The sense of Terje trying to overwhelm us with strong, syrupy emotions (which you may get from some of the man's later albums) is completely absent here. All tunes are extremely delicate in mood. The music is so delightfully melancholic - if you're not in love with anyone when you start playing this, you'll feel as if you were by the time you reach the end! Which doesn't mean that this music is sentimental.

All you get here is pure, unadulterated, 100% natural Rypdal. In my opinion, apart from David Torn and Pat Metheny, T.R. is simply the proggiest guitarist on the ECM label. And AFTER THE RAIN is his earliest masterpiece. So switch off the electric lights, light some candles, listen how the gales roar and enjoy.


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  2. Thanks for this! Somehow slipped through the cracks. I'm a big fan, have bought many of his records... personally I would say his earliest masterpiece is "Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away". Most people would say "Odyssey".... both before this one!